Rent and Purchase Vehicles project in PHP MYSQL-Project for MCS

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Rent and Purchase Vehicles project in PHP MYSQL-Project for MCS

ABSTRACT of Rent and Purchase Vehicles project 

In this century, there are online reservations companies that gives flexibility to the user who wants to get service at their doorstep. A rental service, in which customer request to hire a car for a short period of time and it is much better than carrying the cost of owning and maintaining the car. In Pakistan, there is also having a rental service which system is working manually and individually. In this system, the service provider waste lots of their money on advertisement and the user waste their time to arrive at the rental office. The solution has been come out on solving the various problems that always occur with the user. Online car rental service in which the user can book their ride from their home, office and anywhere and at any time. Therefore with this new method, the process will be more efficient and the safety of hiring car is secure. It’s also the best way to increase the quality of management and can reduce the time constraints. In our online car rental, the user can register in our database as a user. After the registration process is finished, the user will be able to log in to the login form and will be able to search and book a ride according to their requirement and budget. We also give the sale and purchase service to our user in which the user who want to sell their car, put the description and picture of the car and the user who want to buy a car, they search the available cars list in the City Glide website. In the admin panel of this website, the administrator will be able to see the order of the car and give a response to the user. The administrator will also able to add, update and delete the record of the car. In short, our online car rental and sale service will provide the flexibility to the users to save their time and cost.

The recent boom in the era of internet has ensured that all type of services, sales, and products to be made online. Business has become more efficient for both the service provider and the customers. It is now fast and accessible from anywhere and anytime to book things online. The project “CITY GLIDE” keeping all these things in mind provides a total solution to the field of auto rental and sale industry.

The idea behind the proposed website is to develop a consistent, robust and user-friendly platform that allows visitors and customers to rent and purchase any vehicle according to their requirement and budget.In car rental service, the user can book a ride for short period of time and pay according to their duration of using this service. This service will work 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.

This chapter briefly discusses on the overview on our FYP Project (City Glide). It contains five sections. The first section is introduction; background and existing software. Next are the problem statement and the proposed solution for the problems. Then, the objectives where the project’s goal is determined. After that, the scopes of the system is defined. Also, define its modules and expected the outcome of the proposed system. Lastly, define the tools and using technology for the project development.

Functional Requirements for Rent and Purchase Vehicles project 

  • View Available Cars: In this service, the user can view available cars on the website.
  • Booking Car: The user can view Available cars and can book a ride according to their requirements and budget.
  • Easily Get the Car on rent: The user can easily get the car whenever they need to on the rent with use of this system from any time and anywhere and get the service at their own doorstep.
  • Give Feedback: The user will give the feedback to the admin about their getting and using service.
  • Inquiry: The inquiry can easily be done by the user about the service and the administrator check the inquiry.
  • Add Car: The Admin can add the car so that the user can see the available cars and book the car.
  • Update Car: The administrator can update the record of the car so that the user can see the updated info about the car.
  • Delete Car: The administrator can delete the unavailable record of the car so that the user cannot see the unavailable info about the car.
  • Manage Rent: The Admin can manage the rent so that the user can see the rent and book the car.
  • View Feedback: The admin easily views the feedbacks and solve the query.


Front-end CodingHTML5/CSS/BootStrap
Frame WorkPHP
Data Base SystemMYSQL
Server Based ApplicationXAMPP server
Operating System RequiredWindows 7/10/xp


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