Celebration with Cake (Online Cake Purchase System) Project in PHP or ASP.NET

Celebration with Cake (Online Cake Purchase System) Project in PHP or ASP.NET.

Project Domain / Category

Web-based Application

Abstract / Introduction

The main aim of this project is to develop an interactive website that facilitates the user with an on-the-clock functionality which is useful to find cakes for any occasion with different flavor/size/price like Wedding cakes, Birthday Cakes, Eid Cakes, Christmas Cakes, etc. and the customer can buy them at any time.

The aim of this application is to reduce the manual effort and time needed to manage transactions; the software will be helpful for the administrator for the maintenance of the cake purchase system also.

Using the proposed application user can check for various cake categories, sizes displayed with their prices, available at the online store and purchase online. If the user wants to buy a cake he/she may add it to his shopping cart.

Once the user wishes to check out he/she must register on the website first. The payment mode will be cash on delivery. On the successful transaction, a copy of the shopping receipt will be sent on the customer’s email id.

Moreover, the customer can view/search the cake catalog without logging into the system or getting him/her register while to buy a cake, the customer should follow the registration (login) process.

Functional Requirements

Here are the following modules in Celebration with Cake (Online Cake Purchase System)

  • Cakes Catalogue Module:
  • Customer Module
  • Admin Module

The Functionality of each module of Celebration with Cake (Online Cake Purchase System) is as follows:

  1. Cakes Catalogue Module: In this module, each and every operation related to the cake category and cake sizes such as adding new cake category/size, editing the existing cake category/size, delete cake category/size, get the lists of cake category/size and reports of cake category/size will be managed.
  2. Customer Module: This module helps the customer to Sign-in, Create an Account, Search cake category/size, Select cake category/size, Buy a cake, Continue Shopping, View/Edit Cart, Checkout, Bill Information, Confirm order, and Delete Order.
  3. Admin Module: In this module, add cake category/size, modify cake category/size, delete cake category/size, accept the order, delete the order, edit order, Sale Record, Database’s data

The report, transaction history, order status, add/update/delete the product details in the catalog are included.


Software Requirements:

  • Operating System: Window7and above
  • HTML,CSS, Bootstrap (Front-end)
  • MYSQL(Backend)
  • PHP(Server-side programming)
  • WAMP — Web Application Server

You can use any of the following PHP Frameworks For developing this Web Development Project
1. Laravel
2. Phalcon
3. Fat-Free Framework
4. CodeIgniter
5. Laminas Project
6. CakePHP
7. FuelPHP
8. Slim
9. PHPixie
10. Symfony
11. Yii