Today, Computer plays an important role in every field of life. It also makes a great impact on the field of Plaza management system. Today, all plaza dealers want to implement their daily transactions in the computerized database, because they face many difficulties in manual working.

The software “Plaza Management Information System” fulfills the requirements of every plaza owner or dealer and users. In this software, the user can handle all necessary transactions quite easily. This software is especially useful for those dealers who feel difficulties in finding the rent shops and understanding the manual transactions.

It is hoped that this software will be found much more useful for every user. Any suggestion from the user side for the improvement of this software shall be highly appreciated.


This report describes the functions of the “Plaza Management Information System”. Our software provides the best reliability to the user when he wants to access the system. The system will maintain the complete record of

Payment Transactions of customer user and shop availability. Moreover, the user has access to looking for new shops’ availability at home easily and it provides complete user details, rent of shops.


Information and Communication Technology plays a great role in different fields and areas. The plaza system is one area that is also affected.

It is necessary to ensure a technologically appropriate, efficient, affordable, user-friendly system to benefit the Plaza/Mall management information system. For this reason, this system is being built.

The system will ensure the availability of shops their payments and rents with complete user details.

In general, the system is based on computer technology that gives service to users. The system will help to remove time wasting, saving resources, allow easy access to user and admin, as well as bring on more security on the data compared to a manual system.


The scope of our system is very wide because it efficiently uses the database rules and also according to the market values. Our system will satisfy our end user also.

With the development of specific plaza management information system, the emphasis of the owner responsibility has moved towards the utilization of scientific knowledge in the proper use of modern devices and the protection of the public against dangers


It is a user-friendly application for the dealer which reduces the burden and helps to manage all sections of Plaza like shops rent and payment Management and Billing etc., which improve the processing efficiency.

In Plaza, payment management is the key process including the safe data store about shops as well as fast searching, delete and update of shops.

Tools for Development

          The Plaza Management Information System would be developed using the following tools and technologies:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or above Operating System
  • PHP
  • My SQL (PHP Myadmin)
  • HTML with Bootstrap
  • Dreamweaver &XAMPP server
  • Internet
  • Internet Browser

Hardware Requirements

Computer Devices with 1GB RAM, 40GB hard disk minimum to be used as a hardware requirement for this system.

Expected Outcome

The application is expected to provide an easy-to-use Plaza Management Information System with high accuracy.

Functional Requirements

The following functional requirements fulfilled by the proposed system.

Register (Customer)

The customer will be able to Login into the system with his unique username and password.

Login (Admin/User)

Our system enables the user and Admin to log in to the system. The                            

User and admin have provided a valid user login and password.

  View Shops (User/ Admin)

Both Admin and user have access to view the shops.

Bookshops (User)

The user has access or enables to view the shops then apply for the shop for booking.

Payments detail for booking (user)

The user applies for the shop through an online payment form.

Receipts for booking of the shop (User)

 The user can get receipts/ payment slip after booking of a specific shop.

Add Shops (Admin)

Admin has sufficient access to Add and edits the shops for users and customers.

Delete Shops (Admin)

Admin has sufficient access to Delete and edits the shops for user and customers.

Update Shops (Admin)

Admin has sufficient access to Update or edits the shops for user and customers.

View payments (Admin)

Admin can check the payment details of user or customer.

View Clients record (Admin)

Admin can check the client records of user or customer.

Delete Registered user (Admin)

 Record of the customers/users will also maintain in the database. Admin can be deleted the registered user records according to requirements.

Print document

Admin and user also get any document print through this system.

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