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Online Property Booking Application Project

Online Property Booking Application Project

Here, we are showing you a detailed summary of the project of Online Property Booking Application.


In this project, we will build a web-based application named as “Online Property Booking Application”, in which different type of users can book the property from the available properties.

The user first visits the web application, select the plot/shop/plaza from the given options and see the complete installment procedure and details and then book the property.

Online Property Booking Application Project

Figure: Online Property Booking Application Project


User panel

  1. The user first visits the “Online Property Booking Application”.
  2. The user can search for a different property likes plots, shops, commercial plaza etc.
  3. Then select an appropriate property from the available list.
  4. The user must register himself/herself before selecting the property. In the registration process, the user must provide all the details like name, address, cell no, etc.
  5. After selecting the property, the user must download the voucher from his/her account.
  6. The user must paid the amount in the specific bank.
  7. The user must upload the paid voucher on his/her account.
  8. The user can view remaining amount of his/her property.
  9. The user can logout.

Admin panel

  1. The admin user can login and logout.
  2. The admin user can view, add, delete and edit different property details. The admin user must provide the plot/shop/plaza size, total price, picture, and instalment durations etc. at the time of adding properties in the website.
  3. The admin can generate the monthly, quarterly or yearly based receipt for the user and upload that receipt on the user account.
  4. The admin verify the amount paid by the user and generate a receiving receipt for the user.
  5. The admin can manage the expenses.
  6. The admin can allocate the allotment letter on the completion of all the instalments.
  7. The admin can generate different reports like purchased plots/shops/plaza, total instalment, expenses, profit etc.


PHP, MySQL, Xammp

Project Domain / Category

Web Programming

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