E-Property Manager Android Project 

Code and documentation of E-Property Manager Android Project 

Project Domain / Category:

Mobile Application

Abstract / Introduction:

The E-Property manager will be an android application that assists users in buying, selling, renting, investing, and leasing a property. This app is a financial advisor for buying property. All property details will be provided on this app. This app allows users to sign up for their tenanted records. Users can use the app to search for a property within the specified location that meets their requirements.

Additionally, the property record is verified through the land record of Pakistan upon the request of buyers. With the help of this app, users can view all pictures of available houses to rent or lease, which saves the time of users. This app makes it easy for them to communicate with each other.

Functional Requirements:

  1. The login system for each user (Admin, Owner, User, Buyer) shows its dashboard correctly with appropriate functionality. Owners and Buyers can register through signup.
  2. An owner can add details of a property as well as change the status of the property (Available/Not Available).
  3. Tenant records can be registered by the owner.
  4. A verified document of the land record of the Pakistan center can also be added by the owner. An owner requests an administrator to change the status of an owner (Verified Owner for specific property).
  5. An admin will be able to check the owner’s record and change the owner’s status.
  6. This app also allows the owner to verify the buyer’s information and check their status (Verified
    • Not Verified).
  7. This app allows buyers to see the details of a property and contact the owner through this app.
  8. The buyer can apply for a loan through the finance manager.
  9. The verified buyer requests to the admin to look up the record of the property by using Pakistan’s land record office.
  10. Users will be able to search rooms/flats/houses/portions to rent/lease applying search filters based on specific locations. They will see details (sizes, photos, etc.).
  11. Owners will be able to manage the lease and rental agreements through this app.
  12. The interface should be easy and simple to use.


  1. IDE: Android Studio
  2. Programming Language: Java
  3. Database: MySQL, Firebase
  4. Unified Modelling Language (UML): Microsoft Visio, IBM Rational Rose

Class diagram, activity diagram, data flow diagram, sequence diagram, use case diagram, Use case description, scope, hard requirements, non-functional requirements, testing test cases, SRS document, design manual, and other diagrams are needed to draw for this project.