Online Bakery Management System Project in ASP.NET or PHP – SRS Document

Online Bakery Management System Project in ASP.NET or PHP - SRS Document
Figure: Online Bakery Management System Project in ASP.NET or PHP – SRS Document

Online Bakery Management System Project in ASP.NET or PHP – SRS Document

Project Domain / Category:

Web Application


This project is an online bakery shop that allows users to check for different bakery items available at the online shop and then purchase online. The project provides a list of bakery products displayed online in various categories. The user may browse through these items. If the user wants to purchase any product(s), he/she may add it to his shopping cart.

Keeping the features of an e-commerce site, an online bakery shop software project acts as a central database containing various bakery products. It provides customers online shopping facilities from their homes.

A customer can sign up for free, log in to his / her account can browse items of his / her own interest, and can view prices and other details of selected items, place items with preferred weights into the shopping cart and can select from payment options. After that, the user can check out. The user can select any payment option that he/she wish to, like through credit/debit card or cash on delivery.

This website project will be developed using ASP.NET / PHP as the front end and SQL Server / MYSQL as a back-end. The SQL database will store all information about the users and various bakery items along with their respective categories.

At checkout time, the items along with the ordered weights and the total amount to be paid presented as a ready order to the customer. At that time, more information will be needed to complete the transaction.

Usually, the customer will be asked to fill a very short and simple form containing information about shipping address and other details, and payment information such as cash on delivery, etc. An email notification will also be sent to the customer as soon as the order is placed. For verification, the user also receives a copy of the shopping receipt on his / her e-mail id after the successful transaction.

Functional Requirements:

  1. The system shall provide a convenient interface for User Registration, Categories, Items Search and Payment.
  2. A guest user can only view items. For any kind of shopping, he/she must have to register.
  3. The system should be able to show bakery products in their respective categories.
  4. The system shall be capable to generate invoice bill and the Customer shall be able to pay it online.
  5. The system shall provide a Password Recovery facility through customer email id.
  6. The system shall provide different options for sales (10%, 15%, and 20%) on various bakery items.
  7. If an item is not available (out of stock), and a customer selects it, an alert should be shown to the customer that this item is out of stock. Managing your stock efficiently is required for this task.
  8. The customer shall be able to trace his / her order later on. The administrator shall also be able to trace any order easily.
  9. The search interface shall be convenient to search for any bakery item.
  10. Every order shall be allocated a unique identifier (ORDER_ID).
  11. The systems shall have both admin and customer views. i.e. Administrator View and User View.
  12. The customer should be able to order a customized cake
  13. The customer shall be able to get notifications on his / her email id.

Tools: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, PHP, MYSQL

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