[Dialogue] A conversation between two friends about Job work

Talk about work is usually between friends or colleagues. Work and job are the livelihoods of a person. In the struggle for economic development, a person is always on the move. We will try to make the conversation between friends useful.

Robert: Hello Hassan! Man, you are lucky you got a good job in your field.

Jackson: I work as an IT manager. Information technology is an important part of every business, whether it is the ledger in your cash register, the inventory of the company’s sales purchases, sales marketing, or connecting with potential customers around the world. Being used to do, the benefits of IT play an important role in almost every decision you make. IT affects the way a business collects and uses data, how it recruits and directs employees, and plays an active role in companies’ advertising campaigns.

Robert: Yes, I am working as a business manager in a UAE company. The demand for qualified professionals is high in today’s expanding international business market. Local, national, and global companies are always looking for the best graduates to join their teams.

The business world is booming and job prospects are bright, business administration jobs teach the fundamentals of business, and there are more job opportunities in this field. All types of trades and organizations are interested in business administration. We can choose between many possible career roles,

Jackson: Yes, business administration and IT works hand in hand, business administration is also involved in my job, there are more than Nineteen business administration posts in my company, and every appointed staff is doing their job well.

Robert: Business organizations are constantly looking for new skilled managers who are trained to work with modern techniques and can help their teams run more efficiently.

Undoubtedly, Business Administration graduates are in demand in every company, we have IT and Business Administration on the same floor, with the cooperation of IT department, the company is making success flags in expanding its business. In an epidemic like Corona, where the well-known companies of the world suffered a severe blow, there were also companies that not only increased the business of their companies but also increase the ranking of their country with the help of information technology and business administration experts. In addition, such companies also increased the salaries and benefits of the employees.

Jackson: You are absolutely right.

Robert:  Nice to meet you, ok now we need to go home.

Robert: Good Bye

Jackson: Good Bye

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