How to set up the LAN in Computer Labs

How to set up the LAN in Computer Labs

LAN stands for local area network .it used to connect a computer or devices in a small area like in one building .it usually connect computer and it facilitates user to share information and resources like printer and modems, etc. in LAN all devices are connected through wire/ there are different types of Ethernet cables are available . Selection of LAN cable actually depends on your need.

Ethernet cable

Ethernet is the traditional cable technique for connection of computers physically in LAN. Facilitate devices to communicate with each other through the protocol. The protocol is a set of rules or some time called the language of Network. An Ethernet cable is the physical, wrapped wiring through data is travels

What is the purpose of LAN?

LAN is basically used for information and resources sharing .through LAN  all devices can access data from any machine that connected with LAN. Ethernet cable is mostly used for LAN connection.

How we connect a LAN within a Building?

Suppose we want to develop a LAN network in one building. We want to connect our all computer to each other for data sharing or resources sharing. Before connection following instruction must be followed.

You must count your computers, in other words, you have to know how many computer you want to connect through Ethernet. This will drive the total number of the port you will need for the connection.

You just need a router if you have less than five computers.

But when you have more than five computers you must need to extend your ports by the switch.

Before the establishment of connection you must have to decide, how many devices will you want to connect with this network? Assuming that you want to provide internet access all devices, this all connection will handle by Router.

Now you have to measure a distance. Because a network cable is not much longer than 100m.if you want more cable for the connection you need a switch.

Here some steps for connection of LAN Network.

Step by Step LAN installation


Collect all hardware you must need for the development of LAN

You will need a Router or Switch. They both work as a Hub for a network.

  1. Router

A Router is a device which is responsible for transferring of data Source to Destination. Routers also check the weather a Source or Destination devices are on the same way or not, that ensure that data is transferred on a correct destination or not.

  1. Switch

The switch is also a networking device used to connect two or more devices on the network for sharing data. The switch is basically used to deliver a packet to a specific host. The best use of the switches to enhance the number of ports available on the network


In the second step you need to set your router .it is not very difficult for basic LAN. You just plug it into a power supply, it alternatively close to your modem if you want to share internet through it.


Now you attach your modem with a router if compulsory. Connect your modem to the Internet port on the Router if you want to share the internet. The color of the Internet Port is different from other ports.


When we create a LAN network in one building, we have needed to expand the number of ports on the router. For this purpose we use Switch, connect your switch with the router, now you plug an Ethernet cable into port of  LAN on the router and put any LAN port on the switch. This will expand the number of ports for the given LAN.


In this step, you connect your computers to LAN ports.  By using Ethernet cables you can connect your every computer to an open LAN port on your router or switch. The order of port did not matter.


If you only using a switch you must set one PC as a DHCP.DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol .and switch is working as a Hub for your network. When we set one computer DHCP Server will allow all connected computer for easy accessing of IP address.

  • You can quickly create a DHCP server on one of your computers by following steps.
    1. Firstly you must decide your IP address range, you will be used private IP Range. A light LAN with, a subnet mask of and a pool size of 50.a fifty computers will be attached through this.
    2. Set the IP address of your computer to with a subnet mask of (an address in the same subnet as the addresses in the pool, but the pool itself have no address
    3. Download tftpd32 through this link
    4. You have to Unzip the file from your computer and execute tftpd32.exe.
    5. Now you Click on Settings from the dialogue box
    6. From setting Window you select the DHCP tab.
    7. Select the size of pool minimum as compared to the total number of your computer or devices that will be needed on your network (LAN).
    8. Left the blank the “Boot File” field.
    9. Now enter the IP address of your computer ( in field “Def. Router (Opt 3)
    10. Now set Mask to your subnet mask. If you don’t know about that you have to follow  my addressing scheme and set it  as
    11. Left the “Domain Name” and “Additional Option” boxes blank.
    12. Press “OK”. Your DHCP server is now set up

The computers or devices of this network will automatically obtain IP addresses.


Check the network connection on every computer. When all computer obtains IP addresses they now able to communicate with each other.   if you use the router for the internet now each computer is able to access the internet.


Set up file and printer sharing. When your network is established, now you can see any data on another computer and also shared the files except computers has shared these files. Through this network, users can also access resources like printer modem, etc.