Essay on Uses of mobile phone – 500 words

500 words essay on uses of mobile phone

A mobile phone is a portable device that can be used to make or receives phone calls that stream through a radio frequency from one phone tower to another. The first official phone was released in 1992 by the Motorola company and it easily took over the world because of its small size and vast variety of use cases. Mobile phones have gone through a huge list of phases and forms throughout the last 3 decades. From needing an antenna to communicate to now being even able to live stream videos from opposite parts of the world. Mobile phones have seen some of the most exponential evolution in their history.

Uses of Mobile Phones

  1. Communication: The biggest use case of mobile phones is without a doubt communication. Mobile phones also known as smartphones have somewhat killed the need to travel from one place to another to tell something to someone. Now you can just press and dial and reach the person in seconds. You can use mobile phones to make either direct phone calls and converse or write messages and send them to others. Mobiles phones have made it so extremely easy to be always in touch with your loved ones and friends,
  2. Making memories: For the past decade, Cameras have become an integral and essential part of mobile phones. You now do not need to carry a camera every place to take pictures or make videos. Just take out your camera and take pictures of yourself or scenery anywhere anytime you want and share it with the rest of the world.
  3. Internet: Computers have always used the internet for professional uses but Mobile phones have integrated the internet and now the Internet has become far wide as the main source of communication. It has killed distances. Social Media now reigns in the present era. The lagging of radio frequency and stutters which made it hard to listen to voice calls can now be easily solved with the internet.
  4. Entertainment: Mobile phone screens have become bigger and easier to view as LCD and LEDs become a norm. You do not need to own a big TV or any other computer to watch TV shows or movies. You can use your phone to watch videos on platforms like YouTube, Netflix and Disney Plus, etc.
  5. Gaming: Mobile phones have also made it easier to play games that you needed a big machine to handle. Gone are the days of arcades or computers that required a lot of space and maintenance. If you feel bored and want to pass the time then you can just take out your phone and start playing games on it. The addition of the internet has made it easy to play online games with your friends and family which is great as social practice.
  6. Utilities: Mobile phones also come packed with a lot of utilities i.e. Calendars, Calculators. Gone are the days when you need to carry multiple instruments for each task. A mobile phone now can perform multiple tasks simultaneously in any place you want.
  7. Productivity: Mobile phones have made them extremely efficient for productivity. Students can use mobile phones for books and keep Docs. They do not need to carry heavy books every place they go. A lot of records can now be stored on spot and then sent to computers for basic processing.
  8. Transportation: Mobile phones are a great device for researching places you wish to travel to beforehand. Utilities like GPS make it extremely easy to travel to one place safely and soundly and not get lost. You can order things from Restaurants and Utility stores with Online shopping apps and programs. They can deliver the package right to your door.


Mobile phones have become an essential part of life now. Every man, kid or old man has to use a mobile phone for one use case or another. This practically means that you now need to own a phone to be socially accepted. Mobile phones have killed the need to carry many devices that you had to carry a decade ago. Mobile phones have some drawbacks but the Pros easily outweigh the cons in this case. No matter where you live, needing a phone has become a must.