Essay on man vs machine – [500 words]

Write an essay on man vs machine in 500 words:

A machine can be defined as an instrument made up of multiple parts. All these parts work in the body of the machine so the machine can perform a task. Machines have existed for almost 15 centuries now. The earliest machines can be dated back to the 4th Century in Iran. However, the machine age is related to the 19th century when machines were being invented at their peak. In the present time, there have been a lot of machines that have taken the jobs and applications of human beings themselves and performed them far more efficiently and better. The debate over whether machines can surpass human intelligence and capabilities has been ongoing for decades. On one hand, machines have the ability to perform tasks quickly and efficiently, with little to no room for error. On the other hand, humans have the ability to think critically and make judgments based on their experiences and emotions. In this essay, Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of both man and machine, and discuss the implications of the ongoing “man vs machine” debate.

Advantages of Machines

  1. Efficiency: The main advantage of machines is their ability to perform repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently. A Factory made of machines can make a product in a matter of time. The factory can do multiple tasks by itself without ever needing some help. A computer can do equations in a matter of seconds which will take hours for a mind to process. The modern age progress of the present time can be contributed to the precision and efficiency of machines and their ability to perform tasks without ever needing rest and breaks.
  2. Impossible Tasks: Machines can be used to perform tasks that are incomprehensible to be done by the human body. Car factories can assemble a full car in a matter of hours whereas it would take months for humans to make that same car and it would still underperform the factory-made car. There are a lot of caves and hives where machines are performed. Similarly, machines can be used in space exploration, where the conditions are too harsh for humans to survive.
  3. Utilities: Machines are also far more accessible and easy to obtain for common folk. A mobile phone can be considered one of the best machine operators to possess. It can provide you with tons of luxuries such as an alarm clock, can work as a watch, and can also take pictures and make videos. Mobile phones and computers are easily the most useful machines to exist alongside bikes and vehicles.

Limitations of Machines

Machines are useful but they also come with some pretty prominent limitations. Machines lack the ability to think creatively and critically. A chainsaw machine going haywire would not care if a kid is in front it. It would mercilessly massacre the boy. Machines can only perform tasks that they have been programmed to do, and they are not able to come up with new ideas or solutions. This makes them quite hard to remake for people who do not possess the knowledge to do so. Humans on the other hand can and have the ability to think critically and come up with new and bright ideas.


Machines and man is a though-provoking idea but an idea that isn’t worth thinking over. Machines are far stronger than the human body but they are useless if they aren’t programmed to do anything. A man on the other hand can mount a mountain if he sets his back on it. At the end of the day, it also comes back to who can do the tasks rather than having the ability.