Android Tracking Application Using GPS/GSM Module, Android Project

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Android Tracking Application Using GPS/GSM Module, Android Project


Gps Tracker is a mobile application. The main aim of this project is to assist users in finding their relevant location according to their source and destination.By using this application, User can know where the person is.Moreover, users can also get the notification in case of emergency.

This project is about the design and implementation of device tracking system using (GPS, GSM, and Arduino). It comprises of integration between Gps receiver microcontroller and a Gsm module.  This combination of technology will produce a tracking system.

This project can be divided into two main parts software and hardware development. Gps get the coordinates form the satellite and send the coordinates and then Arduino request to Gsm to send the message to the application.

Product Scope

The objective of this project i.e. an Android application is to provide location tracking functionality for Android device. This project supports the Android OS only and makes communication with the phone through GPS. The scope of this project includes the security of the architecture as well as the accuracy of tracking unit.



  • An android phone consisting of GPRS.
  • GPS module 


  • Operating System:  Android 4.0 or higher.
  • GPS enabled on a device.

Development Tools

  • Android-SDK version 4.0 or higher

Aims and Objectives

  • For real-time tracking.
  • Safety of user.
  • To reduce kidnapping.
  • To reduce personal suffering.

Functional Requirements

1) General application requirements

  • Login:
  • Since all the operations that can be done using the application require the user to be logged in.
  • For this matter, the user is prompted to connect the app to his account and then proceed for sign in/up.

     2) Modify profile information:

  • All users can modify their profile information.
  • The user can easily edit this information in order to be recognized.

     3)  MAP/GPS

  • Insert a map for finding the current location of the user.
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