District Playground Management System Project

District Playground Management System Project

Project Domain / Category

Database (Desktop Base application)


Usually, every district of the province has a major playground for different types of sports like cricket, hockey, football, badminton, etc where the school/college students, clubs or street players play their practice/training, friendly, or tournament matches. It is required to book the playground before a competition or match by the players or teams.

The playground management manually (in registers) keeps the records of match booking and allotment for different events (matches). This manual system creates different issues like booking of same ground for different events at the same time (slot), not utilize a ground maximum, not able to priorities the event, etc.

In order to overcome these issues, and utilize the playground efficiently and in a proper manner, it needs to have a desktop-based application. This application would store information of different grounds in the playground, booking information for different events, priorities of the events, rates/fees of each ground, etc.

Functional Requirements:

A set of functional requirements of the proposed system may include the following.

  1. There must be a login process for administrators and authorized users to avoid unauthorized access to the software.
  2. The application must be able to add information of each ground in the playground like ground fee, type, number of slots in a day, etc.
  3. The application must be able to add the booking of an event (match).
  4. The system would be able to add/register a team or club. The registered team/club can get ground fee concision for a match.
  5. The application should display/check/print the booking information of ground for a week.
  6. The application should display/check/print the booking information of ground for a month.
  7. The system should be able to check the booking of ground for a particular day.
  8. The application should be able to show the earning of a ground weekly/monthly/yearly.

Note: The functional requirements are not limited to only the above given. The students need to understand the problem completely by collecting the requirements from the problem domain.


SQL Server 2008 (or latest version), VB.Net, etc.

Class diagram, activity diagram, data flow diagram, sequence diagram, use case diagram, Use case description, scope, hard requirements, non-functional requirements, testing test cases, SRS document, design manual, and other diagrams are needed to draw for this project.