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[Dialogue] Conversation between two students

Robert: I am in a trouble.

James: Oh, I’m sorry about that. Can I help you with anything?

Robert: You know, James, I didn’t attend many of my classes due to which I couldn’t pay full attention to the syllabus and now I’m having trouble understanding these lessons, exams are also knocking at the door.

James: I see you are in really big trouble. In this case, I was quite lucky as I maintained discipline with the class attendant and attended the classes on time.

Robert: Really you did a good job, now I can understand that I made a big mistake. I thought I would cover all my lessons through the academy before the exams, but even there my syllabus could not be covered, because the previous chapters were not covered in the academy and I fell behind.

James: It is really unfortunate that you have made a big mistake. If we want to do well in our exams, we must maintain strict discipline in our student life, have a love relationship with education, and be responsible, parents and teachers trust us. Never recognize the hurt

Robert: You are right. I didn’t even prepare my practical papers on time. I don’t know how to prepare them all within that time. Now I am hopeless.

James: I feel sorry for you. If you had completed everything with discipline, you would not have been in this situation.

Robert: I can now understand the importance of discipline in a student’s life.

James: Yes, discipline is very important in a student’s life. You must not forget it.

Robert: Yes, that is absolutely true. Student life is the best time to develop the habit of discipline, man! What should I do now please give me some useful advice so that I can strengthen my grip on the subjects before the exam

Robert: Don’t worry,  I have notes and some previous papers, you prepare them and for practical watch science subject tutorials on the youtube channel “T4Tutorials” it will give you guidance.

James: Thank you! I follow your advice and prepare hard before the exams, why don’t we plan together to study together for a few days, it will motivate me and help me to overcome my weaknesses. I will try.

Robert: Of course! I will make time for you tomorrow and come in the evening and we will memorize the subjects together.

James: You are welcome.

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