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Deaf and Dumb Communication Aid Android Project – SRS Document 

Deaf and Dumb Communication Aid Android Project – SRS Document 

Project Domain / Category:

Mobile Apps

Abstract / Introduction:

In our daily life, Deaf and Dumb (DD) people face a lot of issues while communicating especially when they are communicating with normal people. The major communication barrier is language. Normal people cannot understand sign language while the deaf and dumb people can neither listen to normal people nor they can speak.

DDCA is a communication bridge between DD’s and the normal person taking advantage of the fact that smartphones are now becoming a daily life utility. In its current version (for dumb people only), DDCA will be a simple android application providing a communication facility between DD and a normal person.

Functional Requirements:

1) FR-1

There will be different interfaces available on the main screen e.g. “Home Interface”, “Office Interface”, “Market Interface” etc. Each interface will have different categories. For example, “Home Interface” may include categories like “Food items”, “Electrical appliances”, “Clothes” etc.

Clicking on any category will open the list of images related to that category e.g. clicking on the “Food Items” category will open all the images related to food etc. Now if DD clicks on “Glass of Water” image, the application should loudly speak “Bring me a glass of water”, so that any person nearby could listen to the audio and bring that person a glass of water.

Similarly, if a person clicks on the “Tube light” image (in the electrical appliances category), the application should speak “Please switch on tube light”.

Note you need to personally observe all such things that you need most frequently on a daily basis at home and create the images in “Home Interface” in their respective category. Similarly, for other interfaces.

For example, in “Market Interface” there can be categories like “Dairy items”, “Vegetables” etc. Note that here you also need to specify the quantity along with the corresponding selected item. For example, if DD selects “Milk”, there should be some mechanism to specify a quantity. Suppose DD selects “Two”, now the application should speak “Please give me two liters of milk”.

1) FR-2

Each interface should be customizable by DD himself. Customization may include adding new images (in a category) along with text that application should speak, setting the priority of icons (that is which icons should be displayed in the top row and so on). Initially, you will use the English language as text that the application will speak.

3) FR-3

Along with interface, you will also maintain a list of most frequently used items separately. Clicking on this list will open a list of item images that are used most frequently on a daily basis e.g. “Milk”, “Glass of Water” etc. This will help DD to directly open the most frequently used items instead of going deep in the interface.


Android Studio, Java, any DBMS

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