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Bank Management System Project in PHP and ASP.NET

Bank Management System Project in PHP and ASP.NET

Banking technology is developing so rapidly that it is totally changing the dealings of banking activities. These developments are taking banking activities to another level.

One of the most important advents in banking technology that has left and is leaving both positive and negative impacts on transactions and other activities performed in banks is “Automated Teller Machine”. With an Automated Teller Machine, a customer is able to perform various activities like withdrawal of cash, transferring money, paying phone and electricity bills beyond official hours and without interacting with any staff member. Automated Teller Machine provides an efficient and very fast way to the customers for accessing their bank accounts and for making financial transactions.

People knew the value of Automated Teller Machines like about 40 years ago when they realized that it’s a fast way to transact money without entering the bank and standing in a queue, waiting for the turn to come and then to be served. Before the introduction of the automated Teller Machines, it was commonly seen a line of people queuing up outside the banks before the opening of the banks to collect some cash and banks were often very busy due to a large number of people withdrawing money. Automated Teller beat this problem as their use is not limited to bank opening hours but they work 24/7 without interacting with any staff of the bank.

They never get shut down but only when they are out of cash or they have stopped working. Automated Teller Machine is basically a computerized machine that is designed to provide cash to the customers without the interaction of any human.

Our project named as “Bank Management System” is all about bringing the banks beneath our thumb. Currently, the biometric verification technique is only being used by bank Islami in Pakistan otherwise no other bank is using such technique. But bank Islami is also making users carry cards with them due to which this technique becomes slow and is time taking.

We are allowing customers to get rid of cards.  We are using the biometric verification process in our system with a passcode that provides dual security. In our process of transaction, there will be no need for cards but if the user wants to carry cards, it will be up to him/her.

In addition, we are merging all the bank accounts of a user to a single ATM so that the user will not have to visit every single bank’s ATM for any transaction purposes and will not have to carry cards of the required bank with him anywhere he goes. By proposing such an idea, we are making the ATMs more secured, faster and more efficient.

It reduces cost and It is very easy to use our system because it does not need any card insertion or any other long process to get logged in. it is so easy to use and human-friendly system that every person even he is illiterate can use the Automated teller Machine with biometric verification and merged accounts.

Proposed System

Our system is based on biometric authentication in which the user will approach the ATM and then without using any cards the user will put his finger on the biometric pad and will verify himself. After this, the ATM will ask for the passcode from the user. The benefit of the passcode is that the system becomes more secure and reliable. After giving passcode, the user will get logged into the system. Additionally, we are giving the idea of merging all the bank accounts of a user to a single ATM. After getting logged in, the user will have all of his bank accounts of all the banks on the display screen of that ATM. The user will choose the required bank and there comes the display screen that shows the modules of the chosen bank’s application. The user chooses the required module from balance inquiry, withdraw cash, fund transferring and fast cash. He will further make transactions accordingly.

Main Modules of Bank Management System Project in PHP and ASP.NET

  1. Inter Bank
  2. Intra Bank

Expected Outcome

The outcome of our system is expected to be more secure and efficient. the biometric technique used in our system will provide more security to the system as compared to the ATMs currently used. Elimination of cards and the introduction of biometrics will make the use of ATM easier and more user-friendly.

The process of getting logged in comprises up of just 2 steps that make the system faster. Merging all accounts of a user to a single ATM makes it reliable and efficient. Users will no more carry cards along with.

Tools & Technology

We are using the following tools in our system;

We are using the following technology in our system;

Test Case of Bank Management System Project

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Functional Requirements of Bank Management System Project

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