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Angry dialogue [Conversation]

“Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity from extreme anger. according to psychologists, anger causes physical and biological changes like other emotions, overwork, lack of will, not getting things on time or Factors that cause defeat lead to resentment, studying these factors in angry dialogue.

A conversation between a customer care representative of a burger chain and a customer in which the customer is angry because his complaints were not addressed and how the customer care representative deals with the angry customer.

” A customer comes into a restaurant and starts yelling at the receptionist because his drive-thru order is incomplete, which has been waiting for the past half hour but has not received a response from the company.

Representative: Sir, I quickly and sincerely apologize for the mistake and the rest of your order will be received immediately, I find out the reason for the late order.

Sir! Order received incomplete due to technical fault of fryer for which I apologize again, we strive for better customer service but error still happens, shame on you.

Customer: This is not the first time this has happened to me. Why is this error repeated so often? I think it has become routine. Customer care is not a concern. Dozens of cars are parked in the drive-thru. Needless to say, they will all rely on your apology, I don’t think you care about business.

Representative: Sir we understand the valuable time of all customers, we try our best to not waste customers’ time, we understand your pain, sir, please sit down, I will order you a cold drink.

Customer: No it is not required, I am an old customer of your restaurant, since few months I see that you are not considering the performance of your kitchen staff, customer needs everything on time, when booking. The staff takes the order and mentions the time on it, when the order is not delivered on time, it spoils the fun.

Representative: Sir! I am sure you will not have to face such trouble in the future, we will try our best to get your order on time, sir! Your order is ready Thank you.

Customer: I am glad that you have admitted your mistake and corrected it, in a competitive world businesses need to provide good quality and hygienic food along with solving all the customer’s problems so that the customer’s Maintaining trust, as well as punctuality is very important.

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