Top 10 Trust Worthy Cheapest Domain Registrars 

Top 10 Trust Worthy Cheapest Domain Registrars

All websites need a domain. People buy a domain from the domain registrar. There are many domain registrar companies in the world. When you search a domain for your business, the registrar company provides you a lot of domains. It is difficult to choose a single domain. Some of the companies are providing free domain. But they are not popular domains. There are different types of domain registrar companies.


The Company was introduced in 1997. The owner of the company is Bob Parsons.

This registrar manages 60 to70 million domains. This company is the most popular and the largest domain registrar company. This company also provides web hosting and web security and many more features. The company focused on new customers. It provides the live chat and lives phone calls for customer support in any domain problem.

The .com domain charges $0.90 in the first year and then after one year, the charges are $14.99 in every year.

Inmotion hosting:

This company has own web hosting hub. The company introduced in 2001. Inmotionhosting has owned more than 300,000 domains. This domain registrar company is best for beginners. The company provides powerful Webhosting like WordPress and provide wed designs. Automatic provides you a domain according to your plan. The customer support available 24hours in form of skype and phone.

The price of the domain for per year is $24.98.

Buy .ooo: is provide you a free domain for a year. When you select the domain name the domain registrar shows the amount but when you type too in the text field that’s name have a coupon? Then the domain is free for a year. For renewal of domain per year, the cost is $10 to $15.

Google domain :

Google domain provide free domains. This Company is much trustworthy domain in the world of internet. Google products are completely secure.

You buy your domain using the google domain registrar. The renewal price of the top-level domain is $11.99 in every year. The best feature of the google domain registrar is DNS hosting without any additional charges.


The 1&1 company was founded in 1988. The company was owned by the united internet. This company is German. This company manages more than 5millions domains. This company market shares values are increasing day by day. The 1&1 company has large Webhosting.

It also values to the new customers .com domain $0.99, after year the renewal price is $15.


The company was introduced in 2000. The owner of the company is the Endurance International Group. The registrar gives you different thing with the domain like SSL certificate, Webhosting, web designs. In this company, when the user needs any help the customer support option here in ever time.

When the domain is bought, on every year you give $9.99 for the .com or .net and you give $8.99 for privacy protection.


The 000webhost company is popular for the free domain registrar. This company provides many features like free Webhosting, free security certificates, and many other features.

This domain registrar company is best for the beginners because they design their website completely free and domains also.


This company manages 15million domains. The company was introduced in 1997. The company market shares values are increasing day by day and this company is now the best domain registrar on the internet. This company has many numbers of extensions as compared to another domain registrar.

Different prices of domains:

.games $22.99, .me $8.99 .shop $24.98, .com $13.95, .live $9.98, .today $8.98

After one year $8 every year.


This company manages 3million domains. The founder of this company phonies and it was introduced in 2000. This company stands now in the best domain companies on the internet. The price of the domain is cheap as its name, this companies domains are cheaper than Godaddy Domain Company.

Network solution

Network solution Company manages 3million domains. The owner of the company is group. Company is now, In the best domain companies on the internet. They provide you an SSL certificate, web hosting, and marketing services.

It is a very expensive domain Registrar Company. This company provides a free domain for a month but the renewal price is $35 which is much than other.