Comparison of VPS hosting of Hostgator and Godaddy.

Comparison of VPS hosting of Hostgator and Godaddy.

So first you need to understand what is domain.

Suppose you had made a website, and now you need to name it.for example, is your domain name. To get this name register you need a platform where you can register your website name, so no one else can use your there are many platforms on the internet nowadays to get your domain name registration.

Godaddy is an American publically domain registrar company

Godaddy provides cheapest registration rates and packages in the world.

Which is why Godaddy has over 18.5 million users.

Godaddy gives you time to time notification about the renewal of your domain name.

Godaddy gives you an SSL certificate. Which helps in search engine optimization, in short, it gives priority to your website.
so what is web hosting?

As you have built your website and you purchased a domain name, now you need to provide a gateway and platform to this website so users or people can access your webpage via the internet.


Web hosting includes storage speed for the data which is available on our webpage so the user can download data or upload from your webpage. For example, you have a website for a movie. Now only a piece of webpage cant control the flow of data over a sing w webpage you need a hosting server on which your movie will get upload and users later can download that movie through that server, servers are storage where webpages and website are loaded so it can view through the internet. Usually hosting companies requires that you own your domain to host with them.

Internet speed or port speed plays a major role in hosting.

if a 50 Mbps down/5Mbps up connection is the fastest you can get, the experience provided by your home web server may not be the greatest, especially as traffic to your webpage grows. You’re going to want the fastest connection you can get.

Data cap Is term which refers to as, applying a data limit during a transfer of data in hosting

In VPS hosting we can allocate short, we allocate many many servers to our single if our website is being used by 1000 users at a time so from every server our website will be called.

Web hosting by  HostGator.

Hostgator is a shared provider of hosting of virtual private servers(VPS)  and dedicated web hosting.

  • If we do a comparison of HostGator and Godaddy in terms of speed .as speed is an important feature. A very popular performance tool called PINGDOM as used to test the loading speed of two sites recorded as HostGator loaded in 1.52 seconds and Godaddy did this in approx 3.10 seconds.
  • Response time has a huge impact on the load time of the site. as Hostgator, response time as recorded was 520ms average.
  • Godaddy has comparatively slower response time as recorded is 1000ms.or 1 second.
  • Webpage response time is the time of how long it will take for your server to connect and send data to end-users.
  • Customer support of Hostgator shows that it is readily available for all its customers they have a good ticketing system you can also tell them about any complaints  you have via emails  all your problems get answered quickly
  • As Godaddy is the king of the domain registration system in the world as it owns 18.5 million customers all over the world, it wouldn’t b a good  leading company without customer support
  • Price and packages comparison says that Hostgator has three plans.

Hatchling plan

This plan gives you to hos only one domain.

Baby plan

This plans can host unlimited domains unlimited bandwidth and disk space

Business plan

In addition to all of the above, this plan gives you the tool-free number to contact them

Hostgator gives you first 45 days money-back guarantee

  • While the Godaddy has three hosting plans
  1. Economy
  2. Deluxe
  3. Ultimate

As all of the above discussion, Godaddy as cheap packages and rates for customer and people can easily afford their packages. And Godaddy serves as a king f domain registration platform in the world.

My final Verdict.

Hostgator and Godaddy have a lot of similarities however as comparing speed factor and response time HostGator has an upper position than Godaddy. Godaddy still a bet placed for the domain registration but not a good place for hosting.