JavaScript VS jquery

JavaScript VS jquery


It is an object-oriented programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers .java scripts can update and change both HTML and CSS java Scripts can calculate, manipulates and validate data.


jQuery is javascripts is written using JavaScript and its library must use JavaScript. Basically, we can say that JQuery is a fast and small JavaScript library with many functions. However, the movement and processing of HTML documents, animation and event handling are easy to use in multiple browsers. Therefore, we can say that JQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify HTML text on the client-side.

Comparison between JavaScript and  JQuery

What is JQuery?

Developers will create their own small windows (code group), which will allow all developers to fix all bugs and give them more time to work on the features, so JavaScript frameworks generated. Then came the cooperation phase, groups of developers. Instead of writing your code, I’ll give it away for free and create groups of JavaScript codes  Everyone can use this what is JQuery, a JavaScript code library. The best way to explain .j query and its mission are well illustrated on the cover of the JQuery Web site JQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript library that simplifies the process of scrolling through HTML documents and events Management and animation interactions and Ajax for rapid web development. As you can see, all J Query is JavaScript. There is more than one type of JavaScript code set Like MooTools, JQuery is the most popular.

JQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript library that simplifies the scrolling of HTML documents, dealing with events, animations and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. All jquery is JavaScript. JavaScript is a language.

JQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript library that simplifies the process of traversing an HTML document, manipulating events, animating, and interacting with Ajax for rapid network development. As you can see all jQuery is JavaScript. JavaScript is a language.

Which is faster JavaScript or jquery?

Fast speed is very fast for modern browsers in modern computers. Therefore, it is pure JavaScript. Both are significantly slower in older browsers and devices. Javascript can be correct to access the DOM faster because it can reduce overhead costs.

What is the advantage of jquery over JavaScript?

The three main advantages of jquery are lightweight compared to other JavaScript frameworks. It has a wide range of accessories available for different specific needs. It is easier for a designer to learn an essay because it uses a familiar CSS syntax.

Difference Between JavaScript and jquery

This article is intended for new developers in web development. People who start their careers will answer questions such as why j query exists while JavaScript or the difference between JavaScript and jquery is best in use: JavaScript or jquery, jquery is an alternative to JavaScript or jquery to replace JavaScript, etc. This article is mainly for those. New developers in the development of the network. People who start their careers usually ask themselves: Why j query while there is JavaScript? Or the difference between JavaScript and j query; whichever is better to use – JavaScript or j query; j query is an alternative to JavaScript. Or j query will replace JavaScript, etc.

JavaScript and jquery

Jquery is only a JavaScript library, JavaScript can not be replaced. Each jquery code is JavaScript, but jquery does not contain all the JavaScript code. One thing you should understand is that they are not two programming languages; instead, they are both JavaScript. Jquery is optimized to perform common scripting functions with fewer lines of code.


If you check both, you may find that Simple JavaScript is faster than j query to access Dam. However, JavaScript can be slower when you write a complex logic since we can make serious mistakes or use a bad code that can have an impact on performance. On the other hand, jquery has been tested for years to use better and faster JavaScript codes.

Advantages of j query

  • You can code the most common JS routines using jquery with fewer lines of code

1: Compatibility with the browser: You can write code that runs in browsers without having to know the different complexities of the browser and not interrupted.

2: Lets you write JavaScript faster and easier.

3: Avoid common errors in your browser.

4: Simplifying complex processes in general: complex processes such as Ajax interactions, animation, dealing with events, etc. Managed by jquery with the best lines of code.

5: j query was tested for battle and uses the best and fastest lines of code to perform most tasks.


Jquery is ideal for most applications, especially those that need fast development. J query handles common browser errors when planning repairs directly in the library. Jquery is also concerned with browser compatibility, a nightmare for developers during implementation. Using JavaScript or jquery depends on your needs and other factors. Most web development projects will work well with jquery.

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