Comparison of .CA and .COM Domain Names

Comparison of .CA and .COM Domain Names


These are the search engine extensions using like google provide .ca and .com extension.

It’s a local searching result using Canadian people for business because they think it’s better for him.

They use .ca for his business because it’s more relevant to him.

If your business in only in Canada then you can use that extension because of its help you in your business to explore your business within Canada. Canadian think .ca is only for him & they also prefer the Canadian websites to purchase the products online. If you can business internationally you must-have extension of .com


This is also a domain for using business internationally .com is better for international business that is better for you. .Com domain helps us to reach the abroad audience for sale your product & business exploring. It’s a generic domain and google does not assign with single country e.g. Canadian.

.com extension has a good ranking in international markets for business online. This domain is very widely used in the world like etc. it is general-purpose extension also widely used for business & .com is introduced in 1985 the .com domain has top-ranked in the world so must use these extensions instead of.CA  you can purchase the .com domain easily for your website.

Why the .com domain is better?

  1. Most people assume your website with .com extension because it mostly used in the world
  2. .com is like name of brand if you have .com domain then people easily search the web.
  • Some google suggests you if you don’t know the extension of the website (.com).
  1. No more extensions compared with .com domain is still using in the world.

 Advantages of the CA domain

  • CA domain registry in only the Canada.CA domain is safe secure & trusted for Canadian peoples.
  • CA easily tell the website is Canadian and they like CA.

Disadvantages of CA domain

If you have a business outside of Canada then CA is not good to use.

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