Ride Service Management System Project like Uber and Cream

Ride Service Management System Project like Uber and Cream


This chapter will be cover the content that will be include the purpose or use of Easy

Ride, scope and advantages, disadvantages of  Ride Service Management System (RSMS).

What is  Ride Service Management System (RSMS)?

Ride Service Management System (RSMS) will be an android application which will works like Careem and Uber. This application will provide services to passengers and drivers.  Ride Service Management System (RSMS) connects passengers and drivers using GPS system. Everyone who has any type of vehicle can register on this application. This app will support all type of vehicles. This application enables passengers to order any kind of vehicle with their Smartphone. The main objective of this application is that drivers online register their vehicles by providing their essential information and then check their nearest pick and drop.

The project has two parts, the first one is an application run on android device and the second one is server on Nosql database. Android section will have two applications. One is master refers to driver and other one is client refers to passengers.

If the driver accepts booking then the server will send order confirmation to the passenger application

This application is managing passengers’ booking in quick and easy way with shortest time possible. With one click on the button you can order a vehicle if you are a passenger. With another click you accept or decline requests if you are a driver. No third party to be added to control this work.

Some types of vehicles still don‟t have any online ride service. But with this application, any type of vehicle can register. This app will support all type of vehicles. This app will run in all cities. All vehicle drivers can register and earn money using this app without any limitation. This service will not have any central office.

Problem Statement

Passengers used to wait for taxi in the pathway or hurrying on stairs when taxi reaches there location. Today‟s online ride services are not accessible by every driver due to some restrictions. Due to central office management, current ride services cannot be establish in small cities. Some type of vehicles still doesn‟t have any online ride service. For that reason we thought of new way to handle the registration of taxies avoiding these problems.


This app is basically open source online ride service so this app provides opportunity to drivers to register their vehicles online. With this app, drivers can register any type of vehicle and then start finding the nearest pick and drop. This app will support all type of vehicles. With this app, drivers who have loss in their business resolve their issues. This app has no central management office so this app will run in all cities. This application also provides the text to speech service for driver when it delivers a notification that there exists a request from passenger. Advancement to introduce open source app will increase its market value.

User Requirements

All Users should

  1. Interact with the application
  2. Be able to login to their accounts using their email and password provided
  3. Be able to logout from their profiles.

Admin should

  1. Be able to add, delete and modify database
  2. Be able to add and remove users and set authority
  3. Be able to monitor the system


  1. Be able to view all drivers
  2. Be able to view the list of customers
  3. Be able to view all the customer request
  4. Be able to view all workers available
  5. Be able to create, edit and delete information
  6. Be able to search for information
  7. Be able to notice the editing‟s and changes made by the users.

Functional Requirements.

  1. The Application must have a logo at the start of application.
  2. Every online booking needs to be associated with an account
  3. One account cannot be associated with multiple user.
  4. Search results should enable users to find the most recent and relevant booking rides options.
  5. System should enable users to book / pay for their rides only in cash or credit card.
  6. The application shall keep track of all processes and changes happening to the data between login and logout times of the users.
  7. The application should enable the users to logout after using the application when the user clicks on the logout button.

Non Functional Requirements


The Application should be easy to use by every user. In order to accomplish this objective, the system should have a simple and well-designed interface.


The Application should be made accessible to the people who live everywhere in the world. anyone can use the system regardless of the location and can get the information they acquire.


The performance of the application should be fast and efficient in adding information of drivers. The system should be available for user in real time and always up to date.


The application response time is a significant requirement because the action cannot be postponed or delayed. The application should be fast enough to satisfy the user‟s needs and should not waste their time.


Efficiency of any system is concerned with the minimum processing time as well as the optimal use of system resources in designing the proposed systems. Our android application will be efficient in using processing resources. It can be efficiently run on all android devices.


The Application should operate 24 hours a day.

Friendly GUI’s

The users of this application have different types of people and different levels of technical skills, therefore the application should be understandable by all the users. Consequently, the Application should provide an easy to use, friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Data inserted by user is secured and saved by this application, and will be redundant, in order to perform the exact action in specified situation.


The application should be maintained in order to perform the best of its ability.

Extensibility and Stability

The application should be flexible enough to allow improvements for the future and should be able to adapt any additional future change in activities; the application components can be modified for more changes and features allow the addition of new features without disturbing the main functionalities of the application.

Disaster Recovery

The application should be able to recover from an unsuitable problem .and should back up data.

Error Handling

The application should be able to handle unexpected errors quickly and easily.

Data Flow Diagram

Ride Service Management System Project like Uber and Cream