Resource Monitoring and Report Sharing System Project

Resource Monitoring and Report Sharing System Project

Project Domain / Category

Desktop Application


It is desired to first monitor and assess the utilization of resources like CPU and RAM usage after every Single minute on client PC and generate Ten minute’s report and share it with the administrator at the server side.

Functional Requirements


User management

This Desktop application system will have two types of user i.e. Administrator and a client Administrator:Administrator will be monitoring the overall processing utilization on individual PC that is locally connected to the network.

Client: – Client PC is a simple user which is connected with the local area network. RMRSS application will first individually monitor the performance of the local system on which it is residing and the generated reports of monitored resources will be shared with the administrator at the server.

Link Management

The link between clients and server of application

Components Monitoring

Report Management

Reports will be generated and shared with admin

Tools & Technologies

  1. Language: Java
  2. Database: MySQL Community edition
  3. IDE: NetBeans or IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse or
  4. Android Studio
  5. PHP MySQL or
  6. ASP. NET or
  7. C#. NET