Recognition and Authorization of Remote User & Access Provision by Admin on network

Recognition and Authorization of Remote User & Access Provision by Admin on network

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There come conditions when Admin needs to verify the user by making a click on his image and then providing access to the user if he is valid to use the system. The algorithms used for Image processing are not that good at user verification because of changed image angle, beard, facial expression, clarity, and many other factors. To achieve 100% accuracy sometimes manual recognition is needed.

An application is proposed where a web server demands to take a photograph on requesting a session on a PC by the user. The clicked image is being transmitted to the server by the PC without utilizing much bandwidth.

The image sent by the user to admin may now be verified by the webserver admin manually. On recognizing the user as a valid one the server machine now sends a command to the client pc system in order to allow access to the system.

Such remote computer authentication and authorization system is required in secure system areas like government PC’s, military Pc’s and other sensitive company PC’s that need proper user authentication through remote admin.

The web server desired to monitor and handle this system makes use of HTTP requests and responses in order to interact with the client machine. Webcam click of the remote user is requested on any particular user as and when needed by the admin. After manual verification of image at the server side, the system sends a command to allow or reject user access to the user

Functional Requirement

There will be two modules i.e. Admin Module & User Module. Admin Module contains login and password.

Admin Module

The admin module dashboard will have access request tab where a table with “PC Name”, “MAC address” and “Status” will be given to see and check all the requests.

from registered PCs with their MAC addresses, So that whenever the user wants to access the system the request will be queued into request access module.

Admin Panel will also have a table with registered PC drop-down menu box “PC Name” & “Status” i.e. Status 1 = Image user image, Status 2= grant access, status 3= end session.

USER panel

To register the system User panel will be consisted of “PC Name”, “MAC address” and Register button. Once registered there can be a button “Request access”.


  • C# .net
  • SQL server

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