Phonebook Management System C++ Project

Phonebook Management System C++ Project.


The phonebook is a very simple C++ (oop) mini-project that can help you understand the basic concepts of functions, file handling, and data structure. This program will teach you how to add, list, change or edit, search and remove data from/to a file. Adding new records, listing them, editing and updating them, looking for saved contacts, and removing phonebook records are simple Functions that make up the main menu of this Phonebook program.

Personal information, such as name, gender, phone number, e-mail, and address, is requested when you add a record to your phonebook. These records can then be updated, entered, searched, and deleted. I’ve used a lot of functions in this mini-project. These functions are easy to understand since their name means just their respective operations.

Aim of the project:

Create a “Contact Phonebook” framework using C programming. This software is very useful nowadays to store full information under a single contact number. The software also has options for removing and changing the contact number entered.

Advantages & Disadvantages of phonebook Management System

It is simple for the user to store complete information (e.g. e-mail ID, address) about his or her contact. It’s simple for the user to simply check his appropriate contact number by entering the contact name. Often it’s hard to store more contacts (i.e over 150). It is also difficult to store contacts with two or more contact numbers.

Designing modules of phonebook Management System

The software architecture consists of the following modules: Preprocessor commands, Functions, Variables, Statements & Expressions.

Module -1: (Header files)

  • #include<stdio.h>
  • #include<conio.h>
  • #include<iostream>
  • #include<fstream.h>

Module-2:(declaring functions):

This function displays the user to select his choice of operations.

Module-3(main function):

A function declared in a class named phone book in a program.

Module -4(adding menu):

This module is used for inputting menu details.

Module-5(list record):

This part is to show up the saved contacts list.

Module -6 (searching ra ecord) :

This method requires the user to assign a name to the contact number of the contact being checked.

Module-7 (Deleting a record) :

This choice deletes a person’s added contact information.

Module-8 (Modifying a record) :

This choice is used to update or alter the information of the record.

Example for Implementation:

The home screen that the program will show after running i-e:

shamil memory table