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Adjective of parents | How to describe parents?

Adjective of parents

Adjective Meaning Example Sentence
Devoted Deeply committed and dedicated They were devoted parents who always put their children first.
Encouraging Offering positive motivation Her encouraging parents inspired her to pursue her passions.
Loving Affectionate and caring Her loving parents supported her dreams.
Nurturing Providing care and fostering growth The nurturing parents created a warm and loving home.
Patient Enduring difficulties with calmness Her patient parents helped her through challenges.
Protective Guarding and ensuring safety The protective parents watched over their child at the playground.
Responsible Accountable and reliable His responsible parents taught him important life skills.
Supportive Providing encouragement and assistance His supportive parents cheered him on at the game.
Understanding Sympathetic and comprehending Their understanding parents listened to their concerns.
Wise Knowledgeable and discerning The wise parents offered valuable advice.
Adjective of parents
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