Adjective of frequency | How to describe frequency?

Some important Adjectives of frequency are mentioned below;

Adjective of frequency
Adjective of frequency
Adjective Meaning Example Sentence
Frequent Happening often and regularly The frequent frequency of emails in the office was overwhelming.
High Occurring frequently or often The high frequency of meetings left little time for other tasks.
Infrequent Not happening often or at regular intervals The infrequent frequency of communication caused misunderstandings.
Irregular Not following a consistent pattern The irregular frequency of his visits was confusing.
Low Occurring infrequently or rarely The low frequency of updates was frustrating.
Occasional Happening from time to time The occasional frequency of their meetings allowed for flexibility.
Periodic Occurring at regular intervals The periodic frequency of staff training sessions helped maintain skills.
Rare Not occurring often or very uncommon The rare frequency of such incidents made them notable.
Regular Consistent and predictable in occurrence The regular frequency of events made planning easier.
Sporadic Occurring irregularly and unpredictably The sporadic frequency of the issue made it difficult to address.