Adjective of feeling | How to describe feeling?

Adjective of feeling

Adjective Meaning Example Sentence
Angry Feeling strong displeasure or irritation The customer was angry due to poor service.
Anxious Feeling worried or uneasy She felt anxious before her presentation.
Confused Feeling uncertain or bewildered The complex instructions left her confused.
Content Feeling satisfied and at ease After a good meal, he felt content.
Excited Feeling eager, enthusiastic, or thrilled The children were excited about the trip.
Grateful Feeling thankful and appreciative He was grateful for their help.
Happy Feeling or showing joy She had a happy smile on her face.
Nervous Feeling uneasy or apprehensive He was nervous before the exam.
Relieved Feeling a sense of comfort after stress or worry She was relieved when the storm passed.
Sad Feeling sorrow or unhappiness He looked sad after hearing the news.
Adjective of feeling
Adjective of feeling