WordPress Tutorials


  1. How to manually create a full width homepage in wordpress?
  2. How to show menu only in wordpress page? 
  3. How to show menu only in wordpress post?
  4. How to show different sidebars for post and page?
  5. How to display only a specific category posts on WordPress Homepage?
  6. PHP Code for WordPress to manually show ads only in a specific country without plugin
  7. How to Reset the .htaccess File of WordPress Site?
  8. How to block IP address of a specific network ID on WordPress website?
  9. How to show the author photo, name, and date in WordPress?
  10. show Published Updated Date, Author Name picture
  11. How to Create Menue in WordPress – Step By Step
  12. Use of Cache plugin with CDN Enabler in WP (WordPress)
  13. How to remove inline CSS from post together in WordPress (WP)?
  14. A solution of Nav-menus. PHP page is not loading nor working fine On WordPress  (WP) 
  15. Desired numbers of search results in one search page
  16. Remove rel=noreferrer noreferrer nofollow from WP post & pages
  17. Wrap each table code inside a div – PHP WordPress
  18. Code for WordPress to support webp images in .htaccecss file
  19. Code for WordPress to force http to https in .htaccess
  20. PHP Code to Insert ad unit if a post has a defined number of words in WordPress
  21. Insert ads after a specific paragraph in WordPress
  22. How to update all WordPress pages with the current date?
  23. How to show post in category in last published date order?
  24. How to add extra date option with published and last modified date?
  25. Remove Empty lines from wordpress website


Important Questions about WordPress

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