How to Create Menue in WordPress – Step By Step

How to Create Menue in WordPress – Step By Step

“How to Create Menue in WordPress – Step By Step” is the today topic of discussion in this tutorial.

  • Select Menu
  • Select create a new menu.
  • Take any name of a menu name in menu structure as you required and click on create menu.
Figure 1: How to create a menu in wordpress
Now, the menu is created successfully.

Creating WordPress WP Menu 

Now, you can add new pages to the menu by adding menu items by selecting the “add to the menu”.

Now you can see the page or post on the right side in the list of menu.

WP Menu customization

You can choose one of the followings to find a post or page;

  1. select all
  2. search
  3. most recent

If you want to change the sequence of menu items, then simply click and drag the menu items.

WP Menu

How to WP Menu Settings

Now, you can see that the figure shows that you can create custom links and arrange these menus by dragging in post-order or pre-order as per need.

WP Menu Creation step by step

There are different types of menus like pages, post, custom link, and category. You can add these different items at the same time. It is not necessary that you can only use pages in the menu item.

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How to Create Menue in WordPress – Step By Step

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