What is PF&DI?

PF&DI stands for Physical Fitness & Drill Instructor. Physical Fitness & Drill Instructor instruct the trainee in sports and recreational activities, to ensure the physical fitness of the trainee.

Job description of PF&DI

PF&DI will be responsible for:

  • Conducting regular PF&DI classes, with warm-up the body and cool down fitness exercises.
  • Supervising the trainee throughout the PF&DI classes.
  • Organizing sports events and matches for trainee
  • Practice matches
  • Responsible for care and handling of sports equipment
  • Responsible for a better use of sports equipment during PF&DI classes.
  • Any other physical fitness tasks assigned by higher authorities

Departments need PF&DI

Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Air Force, Army, Navy, Police, PAF, IAF, etc.