GD Pilot Course PAF MCQs

GD Pilot Course PAF MCQs Preparation and Frequently Asked Questions

Age: 16-22 Years, on 10 April, 2022

Nationality: Male/female Citizen of Pakistan

Marital Status: Unmarried

Height: Minimum 5 fee and 4 inches / 163 cm

Training Period: 3 Years

Vision: 6/6 each eye (without glasses)

Educational Qualification: A candidate must have passed with at least 60% marks in aggregate in any of the following:

  • FSc (Pre-Engineering/Pre-Medical/Computer Science)
  • A’Level with Physics and Maths or Biology
  • FSc with Physics and any other two subjects i.e. Maths, Stat, Computer Science and Biology

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Optical Instruments, Heat and Thermodynamics, Measurements, Vectors and Equilibrium, Oscillations, Waves, Physical Optics, Alternating Current, Physics of Solids, Nuclear PhysicsElectrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Motion, and Force, Work, Power and Energy, Circular Motion, Electronics, Dawn of Modern Physics, Atomic Spectra, Fluid Dynamics.

(Reference Books: Physics Book-I & II Published by Punjab Text Book Board)

Intelligence Test Preparation


Question: Any waiver in height for GD (P) and CAE candidates in PAF?

Answer: The height criterion for male and female candidates of the GD (P) branch is 5 feet 4 inches (163cm) whereas for ground branches it is 5 feet 4 inches for males and 4 feet 10 inches for females.

Up to 17 years 4cm and up to 19 years 2.5 cm waiver in lower limit are granted. Beyond 19 years of age, no relaxation in lower height limit.

The upper height limit is 188cm. A waiver of 2.5cm is granted in the upper height limit. A waiver of 2.5cm is granted in the upper height limit.

Question: if someone has a total GPA of 3 or above which is more than 70%. but the person having D grade in one subject in a semester then he is eligible or not?
Answer: Yes, you can apply if you have no D grade in any degree means overall degree grade. It does not mean that if you have a D grade in one subject in your degree.
Question: If a student has MA in International Relations (IR),  then he can apply or not for For DSSC in the Political science discipline? Because IR is a branch of Political  Science and there is no option of IR in DSSC Ad.
Answer: Yes, you can apply because MA in International Relations (IR) is equivalent to MA in Political  Science.

Question: Can a candidate, who has passed his F.Sc part-I exam apply for commissioning in PAF?

Answer: Yes, he/she can, provided he submits a hope certificate from the head of an institution that he would achieve requisite marks in FSc or A level.

Question: What is the policy for ISSB twice rejected candidates?

Answer:  Third chance for ISSB is granted only to higher qualification courses where the requisite criterion is master in the relevant subject.

Question: Is there any ISSB tests for General Duty (Pilot) PAF?
Answer: Yes
Question: Is there any Flying Aptitude Test for General Duty (Pilot) PAF?
Answer: yes
Question: Girls/Females can apply for the GDP in PAF?
Answer:  No
Question: My age is 28 years, can I apply for the GDP in PAF?
Answer:  No (28 years, 29 years, 30 years, and greater age is not acceptable )
Question: My age is 15 years,  can I apply for the GDP in PAF?
Answer:  No
Question: My height is less than 163cm,  can I apply for the GDP in PAF?
Answer:  No (163cm, 162cm, 161cm, 160cm, 159cm, 158cm, 157cm, and less are not acceptable.

Reviews of past applicants in 2021

“Brach GDP 152
Today my initial test ican not pass the test
First of all intelligence were quite easy most of the question are those ,which was shared in the group
And second phy test
Most of the question repeated like dimensions of velocity etc
And finally english test
Which is difficult amd i csn not clear this
There were only one
Active passive and 5 to 10 preposition
And remaining are sentences compilation
I advise all of you to prepare your english test”
152 GD(P)
Status … Cleared ….Alhamdulillah
1 Intelligence
Very easy … If U will practice on verbal and non verbal just one hour U can easily clear this portion
2 Physics
Mostly repeated questions … 70% questions were those which the Admin send in this group … So read these questions … InshaAllah U will easily clear Physics portion …
3 English
A little bit tough
In my test there were 20% prepositions and 80% sentence completion … So practice on English portion …. InshaAllah U will easily clear initial test .. God Bless All of U.
152 GD(P)
Initial interview Experience
First of all you will submit your orignal test slip and they will give you two forms for filling .After filling they will check your documents and will take your form and will call you one by one according to the list .
So on your turn you have to go the room where psychologist will conduct your test .
Be confident dont loose your confidence if you dont know answer of the question asked by psychologist then dont tell him wrong answer just tell him only when you know answer otherwise say sorry to him.Pay attention to your body language your dressing and your confidence.Here answer of the question doesn’t matters the only thing matters here is your confidence your manners and your behaviour.
Dont be panic and don’t loose your confidence and prepare your intro strongly.