Accounts Branch PAF MCQs

Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on August 22nd, 2021

Accounts Branch PAF Frequently Asked Questions

Nationality Male Citizen of Pakistan
Marital Status Married / Unmarried
Age 18-30 years
Height  163cm
Training 01 year
Type of Commission Short Service Commission (SSC)
Educational Qualification B.Com (04 years) / BBA / M.Com / MBA (Finance) / ACCA or ACMA / BS Accounting and Finance minimum 2nd Division


MCQs type test from

  • Intelligence Test
  • Accounting & subject related
    • Fundamental Accounting (Inclusive of Financial Accounting)
    • Advance Accounting
    • Cost Accounting
    • Principles of Management & Taxation
    • Techniques of Audit of Business Communication
    • Marketing

Intelligence Test Preparation


Question: Any waiver in height for GD (P) and CAE candidates in PAF?

Answer: The height criterion for male and female candidates of the GD (P) branch is 5 feet 4 inches (163cm) whereas for ground branches it is 5 feet 4 inches for males and 4 feet 10 inches for females.

Up to 17 years 4cm and up to 19 years 2.5 cm waiver in lower limit are granted. Beyond 19 years of age, no relaxation in lower height limit.

The upper height limit is 188cm. A waiver of 2.5cm is granted in the upper height limit. A waiver of 2.5cm is granted in the upper height limit.

Question: if someone has a total GPA of 3 or above which is more than 70%. but the person having D grade in one subject in a semester then he is eligible or not?
Answer: Yes, you can apply if you have no D grade in any degree means overall degree grade. It does not mean that if you have a D grade in one subject in your degree.
Question: If a student has MA in International Relations (IR),  then he can apply or not for For DSSC in the Political science discipline? Because IR is a branch of Political  Science and there is no option of IR in DSSC Ad.
Answer: Yes, you can apply because MA in International Relations (IR) is equivalent to MA in Political  Science.

Question: Can a candidate, who has passed his F.Sc part-I exam apply for commissioning in PAF?

Answer: Yes, he/she can, provided he submits a hope certificate from the head of an institution that he would achieve requisite marks in FSc or A level.

Question: What is the policy for ISSB twice rejected candidates?

Answer:  Third chance for ISSB is granted only to higher qualification courses where the requisite criterion is master in the relevant subject.

Question: Is there ISSB Test for Accounts BranchPAF?

Answer: No

Question: Girls/Females can apply for the Accounts branch in PAF?
Answer:  No
Question: My age is 36 years can I apply for the Accounts branch in PAF?
Answer:  No (36 years, 37 years, 38 years, and greater age is not acceptable )
Question: My age is 17 years,  can I apply for the Accounts branch in PAF?
Answer:  No
Question: My height is less than 163cm,  can I apply for the Accounts branch in PAF?
Answer:  No (163cm, 162cm, 161cm, 160cm, 159cm, 158cm, 157cm, and less are not acceptable )
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