TMC full form in politics of India

TMC stands for Trinamool Congress in Politics.

Trinamool Congress:

The All India Trinamool Congress, also known as the Trinamool Congress or simply TMC, is a political organization in India. Mamta Banerjee founded this party on January 1, 1998. This political party is the third largest and growing political party in India with 235 MLAs in State governmental councils of India, 23 members in the Lok Sabha, 13 members in the Rajya Sabha, and third place behind the BJP and INC in terms of parliamentary representation. Indian Trinamool Congress mostly operates in the West Bengal region. Mamta Banerjee is the party leader who is currently serving as a chief minister in West Bengal since 2011. Being a National Political Party TMC made itself recognized by Election Commission in 2016.

History of Trinamool Congress:

Initially, Mamta Banerjee was a member of the Indian National Congress. She served that political party for more than 26 years but in 1998 she left the party and founded Trinamool Congress. Jora Ghas Phul is the TMC’s recognized political emblem (two flowers with grass). To begin with, Trinamool Congress won seven seats in the Lok Sabha election, in 1998. But in the 1999 elections of Lok Sabha Trinamool Congress won one more seat along with BJP. It did not stop there, again in 2000 TMC hit the mark by winning Kolkata Municipal Corporation Election.

In the beginning, Trinamool congress joined the National Democratic Alliance of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and succeeded in elections. After the Vidhan Sabha election in 2001, Trinamool Congress allied with INC and took home 60 seats. Later Trinamool Congress emerged as an opposition force. Trinamool congress has to leave the NDA after suffering subsequent defeats in the Lok Sabha in 2004 and after the West Bengal Provincial Assembly election in 2006.


Trinamool  Congress in other States:

The presence of Trinamool Congress in other states of India where the party established its government is as under;

  • Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Uttar Pradesh.

Trinamool Congress Slogan:

The slogan of Trinamool Congress was created and coined by its founder lady Mamta Banerjee. The slogan was in Bengali phrased as “Ma Mati Manush” which means “Mother, Motherland, and People”. The slogan gained huge popularity and attraction and has numerous benefits for the party during the 2011 assembly election in West Bengal. Mamta Banerjee’s book held the same title which she wrote in the Bengali language.

Trinamool Congress Party Name and Symbol:

The party name Trinamool basically translates and Represents “grassroots” and played a double role for the party name as well as for the party and election symbol. The meaning of this party symbol is called “Jura Ghas Phul” which means in Bengali “grass and flower; two flowers with grass” Trinamool Congress broke away from the social influencers and rejected the elitist trend. To prove that Mamta Banerjee used the words “All India” in the party name.

Trinamool Congress Party Song:

Debandshu Bhattacharya a member of the party’s youth section wrote a

song for the party during the election of 2011. The party utilized the song

all around the state. The song was titled “Khela Hoba”. This song

catalyzes the campaign process. Khela Hoba’s song was also used by many

other political parties throughout India. These parties also used the

same song to speed up their political campaigns against the establishment

and to achieve their respective goals on a variety of subjects.

Leaders of Trinamool Congress:

National executives, as well as leaders of All India Trinamool Congress,

are as mentioned below.

  • Mamta Banerjee.
  • Kanwar Deep Singh.
  • Mukul Roy.
  • Partha Chatterjee.
  • Sudip Bandyopadhyay.


Wings and Organizations of Trinamool Congress:


All India Trinamool Congress is a state-level party. It has several wings and organizations that work for the betterment and achievements of the party and the people of India.

  • Frontal Organizations.
  • Student Wing (Trinamool Chatra Parishad).
  • Youth Wing (All India Trinamool Yuva).
  • Women Wing (All India Mahila Trinamool Congress).
  • Labour Wing (Indian National Trinamool Trade Union Congress).

There are many other achievements and wonderful works of All India Trinamool Congress that put high this political Party in place among many other political giants around.

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