JDU full form in politics of India

JDU stands for Janta Dal United in Politics.

Introduction of Janta Dal:

Janta Dal United also known as People’s Party United is an active political party in East and Northeast in India. Janta Dal gained a reputation as a state party in many states of India including Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, and Manipur. In Bihar, the Janta Dal party is a participant of the Bihar government.

History of Janta Dal United:

The roots of the Janta Dal party can be found in 1977, when this party was founded. Janta Dal party was a collaboration of numerous small parties that gathered to fight against the Indian National Congress and its party leader, Indra Gandhi. Who was the Prime Minister of India at that time? In 1988, V.P.Singh a key originator of the Janta Dal Party gave a very tough time and opposed to Indian National Congress through a union of the Janta Dal Party and two minor parties as members of the United Front (UF).

In 1944, Janta Dal has to face the separation of two important socialist leaders, George Fernandes and Nishit Kumar. Both of them were important party members. They founded a separate party named Samata (Equality) Party.

The year 1997 brought another division of the party. Lalu Prasad Yadav split from the Janta Dal along with his followers and founded another party named Rashtriya Janta Dal (National People’s Party). Later this party gave a tough time to Janta Dal Party in Bihar State politics.

Janta Dal and National Democratic Alliance:

 In November 2005, Janta Dal collaborated with NDA. A former leader of JD, Nitish Kumar took charge of the new administration, and the NDA kept control of the state. The alliance remained successful for both parties and bring a ball of the general elections of India into their court in 2009 by securing 32 seats. The 2010 election bring even more success for the alliance and the other parties. For the Bihar Legislative Assembly BJP gained 12, Janta Dal 20, JD (U) 115, and BJP 91 seats. Altogether these parties secured 206 seats out of 243.

In Bihar, the JD(U) ended a 17-year alliance with the BJP in protest over Narendra Modi’s elevation to head the party’s election campaign committee for the 2014 general election in India. JD (U) president Sharad Yadav and the chief minister of Bihar confirmed the end of their alliance.

The alliance of BJP-LJP won 31 seats and on the other hand, JD(U) with an alliance of the communist party of India won only 2 seats of the 40 in the elections of Bihar. After a such disappointing performance, Nitish Kumar decided to quit his seat as party chief of Bihar. The later party found a new leader, Jitan Ram Manjhi taken an oath as the new chief minister of the party. After that JD(U) leaves the NDA on July 9, 2022.

Janta Dal United Wings:

  • Student’s Wing as Chhatra JD(U).
  • Youth Wing as Yuva JD(U).
  • Women’s Wing as Mahila JD(U).

The ideology of Janta Dal:

  1. Socialism
  2. Secularism

Janta Dal Party Flag and Election Symbol:

The election commission of India recommended the symbol “Arrow” as the election symbol for the Janta Dal United. The Janata Dal, which was formerly united, was represented by this symbol. A green and white flag’s center white strip has the “Arrow” emblem drawn on it. Initially, the Samata party of George Fernandes used this flag as its party symbol. As it denotes harmony and unity in the party’s operations, the Janata Dal (United) election symbol is significant.

Leaders of Janta Dal United:

  • Sharad Yadav.
  • C Tyagi.
  • Nitish Kumar.
  • Javed Raza.
  • Arun Kumar Srivastav.
  • Shyam Rajak.
  • C.P Singh.
  • Bhim Singh.
  • Maulana Ghulam Rasool.
  • Jageshwar Mehta.
  • Shahi Bhushan Saurabh.

Janta Dal Achievements:

JD gained success and bring many refinements to the system some of them are as under.

  • Casteless society has been one of the state’s top development concerns.
  • “Backwardness” label attached to Bihar was removed by the efforts of Nitish Kumar.
  • Chief Minister Nitish Kumar made reservation plans for the minority populations in Bihar.
  • In Bihar and Jharkhand Chief Minister tried his best to reduce the crime rate and anarchy.
  • Bhagalpur riots criminals were thrown behind the bars.
  • Arranged easy and cheap medical facilities for the people of Bihar and Jharkhand.
  • Education resources were made available for the poorest people.
  • Nitish Kumar worked for his goal of “Brand Bihar” by encouraging foreign investors and corporations to invest in Bihar and Jharkhand.

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