Student Learning Outcomes Examples

What is learning outcome?

The words “learning outcomes” refer to the specific knowledge, abilities, or knowledge that a learner will acquire as a result of participating in a learning activity, including a training course, conference, course, or program.

Learning outcomes assist learners to understand the significance of the material and what they will receive from their participation in the learning activity. They are quantifiable accomplishments that perhaps the learner will be capable of comprehending after learning is concluded.

Student Learning Outcome Examples:

In written student outcome examples action words and present tense should be used whereas the words like “will appreciate” “become aware” and “understand” should be avoided. Because someone can’t assess or judge the understanding or appreciation. Additionally, academic competency should also be mentioned in an effective student learning outcome as it elevates the SLO from a broadly recognized concept to a quantifiable result of in-depth academic research.

An essential component of developing training programs is meant to be establishing clear, practical learning outcomes. Management and instructors must agree on the learning objectives for these programs before they can be developed.

The examples of learning outcomes listed below are written well:

  • The circumstances in which any of the categories of conflict operations should be used will be known by the learners.
  • The company’s LMS will enable learners to interact with and finish all training modules.
  • The five different methods of conflict management can all be applied in specific situations, which students will be capable to recognize.
  • The ability to decipher marketing data and employ it in graph creation will be acquired by the learners.
  • The ability to use the company’s recommended SEO techniques when writing copy will be taught to trainees.
  • For case study creation, students can effectively employ corporate policies.
  • The autoclaves will be used and maintained correctly by students.

  Poorly written examples of learning outcomes:

  • Learners will understand the handling of conflict settlement.
  • The LMS of the organization will be familiar to the participants.
  • Participants will value the usage of marketing data.
  • Users will be known the strategies used by the business.
  • Students will comprehend how a case study is put together.
  • Trainees will learn how to use the equipment.

Example of Course Learning Outcome:

Students who complete this course will be eligible to:


  • Describe key theories, concepts, and studies about syllabus and assessment in the upper education industry.
  • Evaluation of material objectively regarding any subject matter.
  • Assessing the ideas of racial group, tradition, identification, and diversity about indigenous learning


  • Conceive, develop, and conduct an independent study using the discipline’s specialized research techniques.
  • Utilizing written, spoken, and sensory images while making verbal demonstrations.
  • The use of technical expertise in the development and presentation of digital media assets, particularly 2D animation.

Implementation of Comprehension & Expertise:

  • Evaluating the issues regarding electrical engineering in a commercial context.
  • Considering a variety of viewpoints and comprehensive subject knowledge, critically evaluate your occupational understanding and expertise.
  • Utilizing the medium of film to convey thoughts about architecture and the constructed context.

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