Digital Library Management System Project in PHP

Code and documentation of Digital Library Management System Project in PHP

Project Domain / Category

Desktop/web Application.

Abstract / Introduction

In the past, when there was no concept of computerized/digital library management system at all, the librarian job was very bothersome and complex. The traditional library management system had a lot of issues.

Digital/Computerized Library Management System is a great way to monitor books, add them, update information in it, search for the suitable one, issue it, and return it when needed. This digital system has a lot of advantages over the traditional library system.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Database module: This has two functions – Insertion of data and extraction of data with a user-friendly screen.
  2. Report module: For the borrowed books list to display.
  3. Available module: To view the availability of books.
  4. Search Module: search facility for books and members.
  5. Payment module: Payment facility for fine payments.
  6. Login and logout module in case the student wish to use PHP.

Users in the system:

  1. Admin
  2. Librarian
  3. Users (who want to issue books from the library)
  • Admin: Add, view, and delete the librarian.
  • Librarian: Add, view, issue books, return books, payment.


  • Java/C++/PHP
  • MySQL

class diagram, activity diagram, data flow diagram, sequence diagram, use case diagram, testing test cases, SRS document and others are need to draw for this project.

Angular JavaScript , xampp-win32-5.5.19-0-VC11

You can use any of the following PHP Frameworks For developing this Web Development Project
1. Laravel
2. Phalcon
3. Fat-Free Framework
4. CodeIgniter
5. Laminas Project
6. CakePHP
7. FuelPHP
8. Slim
9. PHPixie
10. Symfony
11. Yii

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