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Book Online Event Management Consultant Project

Code and documentation of Book Online Event Management Consultant Project

Project Domain / Category

Web programming

Abstract / Introduction

In Pakistan, with the enhancement of technology, the use of Internet and computing devices is increasing day by day. It is the need of today’s era that some provided services should be digitalized. “Book online event management consultant” is a website to facilitate the users like common citizen, institutes, restaurants, marquees etc to manage their regular events and ceremonies properly. It is a difficult task to manage such events for untrained person.

Event consultants can create their profiles via this website by providing their complete details as well their previously managed events details. He/she can add images or videos of their managed events. Consultants can also add payment methods and their charges details. In this project a user can view the availability of the event consultants, on the availability of the consultant the user can book that resource for his/her “event”.

In the booking process, the user will provide all the details about event he/she is going to plan. User can visit website to get information about consultant. To book a consultant user should get registration. Users can give their reviews or feedbacks about consultant or website. Event categories should be like that:

Functional Requirements: Consultant panel:

  1. The consultant should get registration.
  2. He/she should be able to create his/her profile.
  3. He/she should be able to add details of his/her previously handled events, can also add images or videos of those events.
  4. He/she should be able to select more than one event categories while creating profile.
  5. He/she should be able to add payment methods and his/her charges detail.
  6. He/she can see the user’s booking requests.
  7. He/she should be able to update his/her status as available or not available.
  8. He /she should be able to accept or reject a request.

User Panel:

  1. The user can login and logout.
  2. The user can view/search the event categories and consultant profiles without registration.
  3. The user can book a particular consultant according to his/her availability.
  4. For booking the user must be a registered user. If the user is not login already then there must be a “Registration” option available for the user.
  5. In the booking process, the user should provide complete details about the event.
  6. The user will be able to add review feedback or complaints.

Admin panel:

  1. Admin can view Booking requests.
  2. Admin can view reviews or feedbacks.
  3. Admin can block any consultant or user.
  4. Admin can add/remove categories or edit existing categories.
  5. Admin will be able to generate a report on monthly basis for total number of bookings and their successful handling.


Class diagram, activity diagram, data flow diagram, sequence diagram, use case diagram, Use case description, scope, hard requirements, non-functional requirements, testing test cases, SRS document, design manual, and other diagrams are needed to draw for this project.

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