Applied Thermodynamics Past Papers

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Applied Thermodynamics Past Papers

Applied Thermodynamics Past Papers
Applied Thermodynamics Past Papers1. Write short notes on any two of the following.


(a)    The relation between heat and work

(b)   use of vapour tables  

 (c)   Specific heat capacity  

(d)   Second law of thermodynamics                                                   (7,7)

Q.2.     Define thermodynamics. Discuss briefly the scope and importance of thermodynamics.  ( 14 )

Q.3.     Explain, briefly, the following terms used in thermodynamics:

Thermodynamics System, Surroundings, Boundary  State variables.           (14)                                   

Q.4.     Define the perfect gas. Describe the characteristic equation of state for the perfect gas.  (2+12)

Q.5.     Explain with examples of reversible and irreversible processes.     (14)

Q.6.     Explain the concept of entropy. Mention its major properties. How is the second law of thermodynamics expressed in terms of entropy?   (14)

Q.7.     (a) State the first law of thermodynamics and express it in mathematical form.                               (7)

           (b) A thermodynamic system undergoes a process in which its internal energy  decreases by 300 J. If at the same time 120 J of work is done on the system,  find the heat lost by the system. (7)

Q.8.     (a).  What is meant by heat engine ? What is its main purpose and is its efficiency  defined?  (7)

   (b)  In a high pressure steam turbine engine, the steam is heated to 600C and exhausted at about 90C. What is the highest possible efficiency of an engine that operates between these two temperatures?  (7)

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