Applied Chemical Thermodynamics Universities Past Papers

Applied Chemical Thermodynamics Universities Past Papers

Applied Chemical Thermodynamics Universities Past Papers
Applied Chemical Thermodynamics Universities Past Papers

Q.1      Attempt the following MCQs:                           7*2=14           

  • Specific __________ does not change during phase change at constant temperature and
    pressure. A: entropy B: Gibbs energy C: internal energy D: enthalpy
  • The ideal gas law is applicable at _____. A: low T, low P B: high T, high P C: low T, high P D: high T, low P
  • A reduced pressure of a gas is the ratio of its _________ A: pressure to critical pressure B: critical pressure to pressure C: pressure to pseudocritical pressure D: pseudocritical pressure to pressure.
  • Entropy change for an irreversible process taking the system and surrounding together is ________.

A: 0 B: > 0 C: < 0 D: none of these

  • Throttling process is a/an __________ process. A: reversible and isothermal B: irreversible and constant enthalpy C: reversible and constant entropy D: reversible and constant enthalpy.
  • Heat of reaction at constant volume is identified with __________ change. A: enthalpy B: internal energy C: either (a) or (b) D: neither (a) nor (b).
  • Free energy change at equilibrium is _____________. A: Zero, B: Positive C: Negative D: Intermediate

Question No: 02                                                                  7*2

  • Define Refrigeration Cycle and prove its coefficient of performance.

Question No: 03                                                                  7*2

  • Explain Kinetic Theory of Ideal Gases.
  • Write the concept of an open and closed system with a cylindrical diagram.

Question No: 04                                                                   7*2

  • Explain the duty of Compressor and Turbine in the same vapor generation cycle.

Question No: 05                                                           7*2

  • Prove Clapeyron Clausius Equation for two component system.
  • Demonstrate the effect of temperature on the equilibrium constant with an example.

Question No: 06                                       7*2

  • Write Fundamentals of the first law of thermodynamics in a term of Internal energy and Work done.
  • Describe Kelvin Law of thermodynamics with practical examples.

Question No: 07    7*2

  • Write for ideal and Real Gas.
  • Explain cyclic processes of Carnot engine for the ideal gas system.

Question No: 08 Attempt only Two Questions.         7*2

  1. Define Entropy and STATE FUNCTIONS of an open system.
  2. Elaborate Enthalpy of the system for OPEN AND CLOSED SYSTEM.
  3. Explain individually the following systems: Isobaric system, Isochoric system, an adiabatic system.
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