Applied Thermodynamics Universities Past Papers

Applied Thermodynamics Universities Past Papers

Q1.      Short Answers:

  • System and its types.
  • Power, Energy, Pressure.
  • Boyle’s Law.

Q2.      Unit mass of a certain fluid is contained in a cylinder at an initial pressure of 20 bars. The fluid is allowed to expand reversibly behind a piston according to a law pv2 =constant until the volume is doubled. The fluid is then cooled reversibly at constant pressure until the piston regains its original position. Heat is then supplied reversibly with the piston firmly locked in position until the pressure rises to the original value of 20 bars. Calculate the network done by the fluid, for an initial volume of 0.05m3.

Q3.      A mass of 0.05kg of a fluid is heated at a constant pressure of 2 bar until the volume occupied is 0.0685 m3. Calculate the heat supplied and the work done:

  1. When the fluid is steam, initially dry saturated
  2. When the fluid is air, initially at 130oC

Q4.      In the turbine of a gas turbine unit, the gases flow through the turbine at 17kg/s and the power developed by the turbine is 14000 KW. The specific enthalpies of the gases at inlet and outlet are 1200KJ/kg and 360KJ/Kg respectively, and the velocities of the gases at inlet and outlet are 60 m/s and 150 m/s respectively. Calculate the rate at which heat is rejected from the turbine. Find also the area of the inlet pipe given that the specific volume of the gases at the inlet is  0.5m3/kg.                                                                                           

Q5.      Discuss heat engine & also explain forward and reverse heat engine.

Q6.      Calculate the specific volume, specific enthalpy, and specific internal energy of wet steam at 18 bar, dryness fraction 0.9.

Q.7      1kg of steam at 7bar, entropy 6.5 KJ/kg K is heated reversibly at constant pressure until the temperature is 250oC. Calculate the heat supplied, and show on a T-s diagram the area which represents the heat flow.

Q.8      Write a short note on the following:

  1. Laws of Thermodynamics
  2. The Non-flow equation.

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