Advance Chemical Thermodynamics Past Papers

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on May 27th, 2019

Advance Chemical Thermodynamics Past Papers

Advance Chemical Thermodynamics Past Papers

Q.1      Discuss steam power plant. Also states Carnot vapor power plant in detail with cycle analysis, PV and TS


Q.2      An engine that has an efficiency of 15%  performs work of 5000J during each cycle. Calculate the amount of heat intake by this engine in KJ.

Q.3      Briefly discuss Dhuem’s Theorem for reacting system in detail.

Q.4      Complete the following table:

Component Composition


Molecular Weight


No. of Moles


Mass Fraction

X= y *Mi/Mm

NH3 0.70 17    
CO2 44    


Q.5      How temperature affects the equilibrium constant? Discuss in details

Q.6      Discuss Otto Engine in detail. Also, draw its PV and TS diagram.

Q.7      Define the following with examples (if necessary)

  1. a) Ideal Solution
  2. b) Liquid phase reaction
  3. c) Fugacity
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