Applied Chemistry Universities Past Papers

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on May 27th, 2019

Applied Chemistry Universities Past Papers

Applied Chemistry Universities Past Papers
Applied Chemistry Universities Past Papers


Part A

Q1.      Define the following terms

  1. Isotopes
  2. Isobars
  • Surface tension
  1. Hydrogen bonding
  2. Elastic collisions

Q2.      Fill in the blanks

  1. The relation PV=1/3 mnV2 is called —–
  2. The property by virtue of which a liquid offer resistance to its flow is called —
  • In actual formation of solid, often some irregularities remain in crystal lattice and is called —
  1. The solution that resist change in pH upon addition of acid or alkali is called —
  2. The electron that are involved for the formation of bond are called—

Part B

Q1.      Name different chemicals used in glass manufacturing.        Explain various steps for glass manufacturing

Q2.      What are different raw materials and steps for cement production?

Q3.      What is difference between a covalent and coordinate covalent bond? Explain ionic bond in detail

Q4.      What is ionization potential? How it varies in a periodic table

Q5.      Discuss Lewis concept of acid and base

Q6.      Explain gamma radiation and their properties. Discuss various uses of radio isotopes

Q7.      Differentiate between enamel and paint. Discuss principle constituents of oil paints and lacquers

Q8.      Give important postulates of Bohr’s atomic model. Derive an Expression to calculate radius of an orbit


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