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Applied Accounting Universities Past Papers

Applied Accounting Universities Past Papers

Applied Accounting Universities Past PastsApplied Accounting Universities Past PastsQ.1      Differentiate between;

  1. Accounting and Book keeping
  2. Ledger and Journal
  3. Liabilities and Owner’s equity
  4. Opening balance and ending balance
  5. Accounts Receivable and Notes Receivable
  6. Account payable and Notes payable
  7. Horizontal and vertical analysis.
  8. 2 What is ledger and why it is kept balanced by an Accountant in a Company?

Q.3      Write a detailed note on Bank reconciliation process.

  1. 4 Explain the purpose of a statement of cash flows with the help of relevant examples.
  2. 5 What is Depreciation? Discuss Straight line depreciation method and Reducing balance depreciation method in detail.

Q.6      Discuss importance of Income statement and Balance sheet for all Stakeholders.

Q.7      Write a note on any TWO of the following.

  1. Stock holders equity and retained earning .
  2. Forms of business organizations.
  3. Ratio Analysis.


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