Accounting Information System Universities Past Papers 

Paper 1 : Accounting Information System

Accounting Information System Past Papers

Q 1:

  • A value or quantity that can be controlled by Decision maker is called………?
  1. Information Reporting System is also known as………………..?
  • In Database, one-to-many relationships are incorporated by……. Model
  1. A system which is not connected to its environment is called…………..loop system?
  • A key which connects one database to another database is called…………key?
  1. SQL stands for…………………
  2. DFD stands for………………… 

Q2:     ERP provides a Centralized System Approach for business problems, Discus.   

Q3:     Write a detail note on Transaction Processing System 

Q4:     What do you mean by REA approach to business modelling, explain its significance.  

Q5:     Explain the Revenue Cycle in detail?

Q 6:    In Database Many-to-Many Relationship is supported by the Relational Model, Explain. 

 Q7:    Write Short notes on the following

  1. Auditing & Assurance
  2. EDI

Paper 2 : Accounting Information System

Accounting Information System Past Guess Paper.

University Name – Confidential

NOTE: Q.1 is compulsory, attempt any four questions from the remaining. All questions carry equal marks. Phones and other Electronic Gadgets are not allowed.

Paper   : Fiber Optics Communication Networks

Time Allowed: 3 hours

Examination:   Final, Fall – 2020

Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Q1: Select the correct option for the given statement

i. Which of the following system is used as pioneer system for Transaction Processing\
ii. What features make CBIS distinguish from Information System
a) Arithmetic Operation b) Business Operation c) Logical Operation
iii. Which one is not used in the Information Architecture of a system
a) Flow Charts b) Symbols c) Analytical views
iv. In database a field that links one table with another table or database is called
a) Master Key b) Candidate Key c) Foreign Key
v. The term Redundancy in database refers to
a) Deletion of Data b) duplication of data c) Manipulation of data
vi. ERP system is best example of
a) Calculation System b) Functional System c) Integrated System
vii. Transactional Systems comes under what category
a) Tactical layer b) Strategic layer c) Operational layer.

Q2: Distinguish between Computer Based Information System (CBIS) and Information System (Is) with suitable example/s?

Q3:      Explain the Revenue Cycle and also differentiate between Revenue and Profit?

Q4:      What is Database Management Software (DBMS)? Explain its function in detail.

Q5       ERP is system that has a centralized approach towards business problems, Discuss.

Q6:      What do you mean by REA Approach in the context of business modeling?

Q7:     Write Short notes on any Two the following

  1. DFDs
  2. Ethical issues in business
  3. Difference between Auditing and Inspection