250 words essay on patriotism

Essay on patriotism in 250 words: In the modern world, patriotism is a very important topic. It is something that we should all be proud of. People are becoming more and more patriotic as they see how much their country has developed over the past few decades. People are also becoming more and more aware of their country’s history and heritage.

We need to learn a lot about our nation’s past to be able to understand where we came from and what our values are today. We need to learn about our country’s history because it will help us build an identity for ourselves – a sense of belonging, pride, honor and respect for others who live in other countries too. So it is important that we learn about our national past so that we can become better citizens in the 21st century too!

The sacrifices made by the people of the country for their country are nothing but a sacrifice. They are all meant to be paid back with great pride and happiness.

In the modern world, there is little space left for patriotism. We have seen how countries like India, China, Russia and many others are taking steps to build a strong national identity. In order to do this they need to find ways to demonstrate their patriotism in various ways. This can be done through art as well as through literature or through other forms of entertainment such as movies etc.

Now, a day movies are also releasing on patriotism. The movie “Kundali” was based on this theme of patriotic literature.


Patriotism is the love of one’s country, the feeling that one’s country is a good place to live. This can be a good thing or bad thing. It might be positive if it leads to peace and prosperity in your country, but it might also be negative if it causes wars and terrorism.

An example of this might be the debate about whether or not we should have an open border with Mexico, which has been happening for several years now. The argument is that this will lead to more illegal immigrants coming into the country, which will damage our economy and make us less safe.

The argument against this idea is that we should focus on things like healthcare and education instead, in order to provide a better life for all Americans, even if they are living in Mexico. This argument was put forward by President Trump in his State of the Union address last year: “Our greatest danger is from those who would destroy America… We will build a wall along our southern border.”

With the rise of nationalism and patriotism, we have to sacrifice our time, energy and money to support the country.

A lot of sacrifices are being made to support our national pride. No one wants to be seen as a traitor or a traitorous person. So we sacrifice our time, energy and money by working extra hours in order to prove that we are loyal citizens. This is not a bad thing though because it helps in building patriotism among people.

Patriotism Essay

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