To have cold feet idioms meanings

Idiom Meaning Example Sentence
Back down To yield or withdraw from a position or plan due He initially agreed to the challenge, but he backed down when he realized
Chicken out To become too afraid or hesitant to do something He chickened out of the bungee jumping adventure at the last moment.
Cold feet syndrome The feeling of anxiety or hesitation before Many performers experience cold feet syndrome before going on stage.
Get cold feet To become nervous or anxious and back out of She was going to skydive, but she got cold feet at the last minute.
Have cold feet To feel nervous, hesitant, or anxious about He was excited about the wedding, but he started to have cold feet
Lose one’s nerve To lose courage or confidence to do something. He had practiced for the performance, but he lost his nerve on stage.
proceeding with something. the night before.
a plan or commitment.
taking a significant step.
to fear or pressure. the risks involved.
To have cold feet idioms meanings
To have cold feet idioms meanings