SOP full form

What is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP full form  and Meaning)?

SOP Stands fro a standard operating procedure. SOP is a set of written instructions that explains the process in steps for an activity that must be taken to correctly perform a routine activity in an organization. SOPs must be followed every time exactly in the same way to guarantee that the organization is consistent in performing the activity steps by steps.

Example of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for a University

SOP For Final Year Project

BSCS/BSIT (7th, 8th)



FYP Team

FYP Team shall consist of;

  1. Chairmen
  2. Controller of Examination
  3. Project Head
  4. Supervisor
  5. Examiners

Decision Committee

In some special cases, the head will collaborate with controller and chairman.

Supervisor  Work load

Faculty member can supervise students according to the following guidelines;

For Fresh Faculty:

Maximum 8 students in 7th semester + Maximum 8 students in 8th semester

For Senior Faculty (one year plus experience in organization):

Maximum 16 students in 7th semester + Maximum 16 students in 8th semester

Note: Supervision of one student will be considered as 0.2 C.H


Stand by Duties of Faculty

Faculty will perform the following duties on the day of presentation;

  • Must present in the presentation room 10 minutes before starting time.
  • Each faculty will ensure that he/she will fill the evaluation form accurately and cutting is not allowed. If its mistakenly happens, then must write a reason of cutting on evaluation form.
  • Evaluation list will be handover to the Project Head.


Standby Duties of Administration

Administration will perform the following duties on the day of presentation;

  • IT staff will ensure availability regarding projector and other essential support
  • Admin will ensure 15 minutes before starting the presentation that presentation room is equipped with essentials
  • Admin will be responsible to arrange the presentation room in such a way that it can create a healthy environment. (It will create a sense in the students that FYP is not a minor thing)
  • Admin will be responsible to refresh the faculty during presentation with a cup of tea, biscuits or any other refreshment.

FYP Process

Step 1: Enrollment

Students will enroll in FYP according to the guidelines mentioned below;

Semester Code Pre-req Course Title Cr. Hrs
7th semester CS-189 Final Year Project-I 2(0-04)
8th semester CS-790 CS-189 Final Year Project-II

(Students having F grade in

CS-189 Will not be eligible

for enrollment

in  CS-790)



Step 2: Scheduling

Students will be informed by the Project Head through Canvas;

Link of course:

Supervisors will also inform to their students and front office will inform to CR’s of each class.

Supervisors will be informed by Project Head through WhatsApp Group:

Expected Schedule of FYP will be considered as follows;

Proposal Submission:

2nd week of  7th semester

Mid and Final presentations

Mid and Final presentations will be held after 4 days of the examination.

Step 3: Evaluation

Supervisor and two other faculty member as an examiner will evaluate the students.

Followings milestones will be evaluated;

  1. Software Documentation
  2. Software Source Code
  3. Presentation

Evaluation Authority

Supervisor:  34% Marks

Examiner 1: 33% Marks

Examiner 2: 33% Marks

Evaluatin team will submit the marked result to FYP head within 30 minutes after the completion of the presentations in a panel.

In case if any ambiguity is found in the result, then the Project Head may call an explanation from examiner and supervisor with reasoning.

Absent Students

Presentation will not be re-scheduled for any absent student.

  • If a student is absent in mid presentation, and present in final presentation, then he/she will be awarded with only final presentation marks. If he/she having passing marks, then grade F will not be awarded.
  • If a student is absent in final presentation, and present in mid presentation, then he/she will be awarded with only mid presentation marks. If he/she having passing marks, then grade F will not be awarded.


Step 4: Result Making

  • Project Head with the help of faculty will prepare the final result for LMS etc.

Step 5: Submission (only after final presentation of last semester students)

Students must submit the followings within 3 days after the Final Term Presentation. Otherwise, their result will not be displayed.

  • 2 CD’s with source code, Documentation, PPT presentation etc.
  • 2 Hard Copies of documentation (Documentation must be in a standard format that will be available on canvas)

Step 6: Result Announcement

  • Result will be declared to students on LMS. Faculty will not share any result or any kind of comments given by evaluation team on the day of presentation.
  • After result declaration, it will be the responsibility of supervisor that he/she must convince his/her student that the result is transparent and finalized.

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