Helpful Math Website for Students

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

Helpful Math Website for Students: Everything to Know about


Some people say that it is possible to learn Reading and Writing without help but it is impossible to master Math. Mathematics is one of the most difficult disciplines in the school curriculum. It requires logic, persistence, and knowledge. Higher Math assignments involve many logical chains and calculations. So students often ask to “do my math homework for me”.

Online websites that offer professional STEM assistance can be found on Google and any other search engine. This article is about AssignMaths. Does it stand out from other services? What does it guarantee? Is it reliable? You can find all information about this service in this independent and fair review.

Who Can Do My Math Homework for Me for an Affordable Price?

Students often face financial difficulties. An average student says, “I try to do my math homework and manage part-time jobs to get my Master’s Degree.” When they have no time to cope with homework and work, they usually start looking for someone who can help. It is better to hire a Math hw helper than to refuse to make a profit. Besides, some companies offer reasonable prices.

AssignMaths has a fair pricing policy. Its experts recommend ordering a math homework doer in advance to reduce the total cost. The service has a price list with cost per page (275 words). Each price considers the following details.

  • performance language and difficulty (university, school, college)
  • deadline (ASAP and not instant)
  • volume (from 1 to over 30 pages)

The longest period is one month. It suits orders that require more than thirty pages. There are eight other available due dates that a person can choose even for a one-page assignment. 4, 8, 24, 48, 72, 120, 168, and 336 hours are at your disposal. The cheapest papers are for school children. The most expensive ones are for university students.

Moreover, a person can pay less if asking for the longest deadline. A website has a free calculator that helps a person learn the final cost of the assistance. There is also a section for paper instructions. It is necessary to be precise when writing details about the order. Customers need to mention their working emails as well. Helpers will use them to send ready papers.

Are There Any Bonuses and Discounts on the Website?

The company makes prices affordable for everyone. Unfortunately, it does not have a bonus and discount policy for newcomers and regular customers. Though, the service has free options and coupons for clients who have become loyal customers. For example, a person who has already ordered and paid for 30-page homework can receive a message about free pages for the next order.

Except for no-cost pages, a person can enjoy cost-free editing, revision, and report about plagiarism scans. A customer has the right to demand a paper revision and editing if it has mistakes or does not correspond to demands mentioned in the order form. The goal of the company is to get more loyal customers. It will be impossible if papers are of low quality or doers refuse to review and edit them.

Is the Company’s Personnel Professional?

Scam websites hire people who might be amateurs and know nothing about formatting. Fortunately, AssignMaths has nothing to do with that. The company tries to hire only the best helpers. It has strict requirements for every employee. A helper needs to have a scientific degree, experience, and perform several trial tasks. So each “do my math assignment” is done on a top-level.

The company has been helping students with their Maths homework for 10 years already. Its rating is 8.5/10. It means that most reviews and comments are positive. There are over 300 professional assistants who can be in the “available”, “top-rated” or “advanced” category regarding their merits. Together, they major in 70 disciplines related to STEM subjects.

What Services Does the Company Offer to Me?

Experts on AssignMaths have done many labs, reports, presentations, capstone projects, dissertations, term papers, case studies, coursework, essays, outlines, calculations, and research papers in various STEM disciplines. Students often order papers in Engineering, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Precalculus, Topology, Statistics, Applied Maths, Physics, Probability, and Logic.

Students can select a doer. The price depends on the status of the helper. Top-rated specialists perform ASAP tasks and volume papers before the deadline and without mistakes. As a rule, the company dedicates extra fees for their assistance, though customers are warned about that.

The service is transparent. It does not have taxes that a person has to pay to get the paper. As soon as customers pay someone to do my math homework, a performer proceeds to the task performance and does not demand a single extra penny.

Another advantage of the service is the security it offers to clients. When a person orders assistance, it will be necessary to contact banks to confirm payment. Besides, a person mentions the name and email to get the order online. Each employee signs a confidentiality agreement before getting a job. According to the document, they do not have the right to share a client’s personal information with others.

Moreover, the website runs on a secure platform that protects each payment and stored information. So, one can be sure that there will not be any data leakage.

Speaking about the quality of homework, it is important to mention that all papers are unique. Professionals never plagiarize. They discuss details with a customer and supply the paper with original information. They scan papers via plagiarism detectors and send print screens to clients. If clients want to change something, performers review and edit papers for free.

The success of the order depends on three main factors – a performer, order form details, and respect. AssignMaths is a reputable performer. If customers mention all details in the order form, its helpers will follow them. They respect every customer. That is why all clients are satisfied with the successful assistance.


Meet the Best Career Options for JavaScript Learners

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

Description: JavaScript is one of the popular fields that college students choose to deal with. In this article, we focus on the 10 best career options available for JavaScript students.

10 Career Opportunities for JavaScript Students

The 21st century is the time of technology. Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with a mobile phone or free internet in public places. However, few people know how sites and applications are developed. One of the ways to develop is dynamic programming languages. Today we will talk about them in this article.

Java Programming Language

Java is an object-oriented programming language created in the 1990s by a small group of Sun Microsystems engineers, later acquired by Oracle in the 2010s. Today Java is found in many devices that are used in everyday life. In an object-oriented language like Java, we are dealing with classes and objects. A class is a blueprint for something in real life, and an object is an example of such a plan. This language has long been the most popular programming language. In the past, Java was widely used to write “applets” —small applications that ran right in the browser. For example, a calendar, guestbook, or online chat. Java is also widely used in e-commerce and web applications. In fact, Java is used everywhere: on your phone, on your set-top box, on your credit card, on the server you are currently connected to, in the browser you are currently using. Java is the most widely used language, so it’s worth learning. Java is open source and supported by many libraries, including the Java Machine Learning Library. As the name suggests, it is not only suitable for machine learning algorithms, but also for projects that use robotic systems, sensors, NLP, and neural networks.

JavaScript Programming Language

JavaScript is a full-fledged dynamic programming language that is applied to an HTML document and can provide dynamic interactivity on websites. JavaScript is commonly used as an embedded language for programmatically accessing application objects. Java applications are less error-prone and generally more functional than those built using JavaScript. But it also comes at a price, the main one being the time and complexity of development. Therefore, it is better to use JavaScript for the web, and it is better to leave the development of complex software to Java.

Main JavaScript Features

Some of the main features of JS include:

  • Dynamic typing – the data type is determined at the time of assigning a value to a constant or variable.
  • Interpreted language – application code is interpreted when accessed, no pre-compilation is required.
  • Support for prototype and object-oriented approach.
  • Versatility – All popular browsers support JavaScript.

Why JavaScript?

Here we will analyze why students should choose this particular programming language and what are its advantages.

JavaScript, despite its many flaws, is arguably the best programming language for aspiring developers, and the best language kids can tinker with. It is simple enough, but it contains all the fundamental things: algorithms, object-oriented models, data structures.

JavaScript’s incredible ubiquity is its main advantage, and one of the unique advantages of JavaScript is its ubiquity. This language can be found literally everywhere. It is supported on all operating systems, in all kinds of browsers, both on desktop computers and on mobile devices. It is also very important that JavaScript applications work without installing them on users’ computers. In fact, it’s hard to remember the not-too-old days when companies deploying client-server applications on their internal networks spent weeks struggling with configuration issues and unexpected errors. Faced with such nightmares, you may well appreciate the appeal of JavaScript.

JavaScript is the best friend of HTML and CSS. HTML defines the layout of the site, CSS is responsible for the appearance, and JavaScript brings it all to life. Using JavaScript code, the programmer determines how the page will react to user actions.

Career Opportunities for Students

As a Developer

You can write any web application using JS. And this significantly increases the demand for programmers who speak this language. And if you look at domestic sites with vacancies, there are currently more job offers for JavaScript developers than for those who program in Java or 1C. You can even find a job for a beginner specialist, and even more so for an experienced one. The Javascript programmer’s work is always well paid.

As a UI Designer

In the IT industry, there are many areas related to design. The most common of these are designers hidden behind the acronym UI. The goal of a UI designer is an aesthetically pleasing modern product design.

As a Website specialist

If the title has the word “author” then the action is structured. Planning and updating of how the site looks and functions. Moreover, the activity is clearly centered around the Internet. Additionally, decision configuration devices, HTML, CSS, and lightweight JavaScript can be explicit capabilities.

As a Frontend developer

Frontend development works through the application of the public part, which is directly related to the user, and functionality, which is usually performed on the client’s side.

As a Backend developer

A web developer is a broader concept than a front-end developer. The first designation only says that the person sees the client of the site, the second specifies what exactly – the side that the person sees the client of the site.

As a Fullstack developer

This is a developer who must understand the entire stack of technologies and parts in a component project, both in front-ends and back-ends.

As an Android developer

An Android developer is engaged in the creation, updating, improvement of mobile applications and software for smartphones, tablets, e-books, game consoles, and other devices running on the Android system.

As an iOS developer

iOS developers are among the most sought-after and highly paid professionals. They generate and implement their ideas for Apple mobile devices.

As a UX designer

UX design is responsible for the function, the adaptability of the product, and the emotions it evokes in the users. The clearer the interface, the easier it is for the user to get the result and take the targeted action.

As a web application developer

Intuitive site page enhancement. Ideal for including a JavaScript framework like jQuery, which extends your JavaScript to simplify that JavaScript.

Today, JavaScript is a one-of-a-kind language that works in all browsers – Yandex, Google Chrome, Safari, compatible with all modern operating systems, any mobile platforms, etc. If you plan to connect your future life with programming the client side of the site, or at least layout, you need to understand that without the ability to work with JavaScript, there is nothing to do there. The demand for programmers is growing, employers provide high salaries, especially for experienced professionals. These are some of the benefits that JavaScript certification offers you. Organizations need qualified JavaScript Office professionals to improve efficiency and grow their business. Becoming a JavaScript Office professional brings various benefits such as faster career growth, better pay, better job opportunities, and technology transitions. uCertify offers a comprehensive javascript specialist. Also, if you are teaching JavaScript in a college or institute, you can ask for help. There are companies that are engaged in JavaScript assignment help and are always happy to help you.

Best Monero Wallet App for a Safe Trade

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

Monero is a popular cryptocurrency that uses the CryptoNote protocol. The main advantage of Monero cryptocurrency is being good in protecting personal data. Monero is also called XMR. It is one of the top currencies that provide your complete anonymity. This crypto is anonymous because it does not show the history of transactions. So, no other person can be your transactions and money amount.

To trade with XMR, you can use a Monero wallet online. For example, the Trustee Wallet may be the best Monero wallet for the trade. Monero is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to buy, sell, or transfer your coin. It provides complete confidentiality and is great to use in crypto exchanges.

Why is Trustee Wallet so cool to work with? The Monero wallet app is available on mobile devices. You can open it on Android and on iOS when using an iPhone. The Trustee Wallet uses a special secure algorithm. It allows you to find the best crypto exchanges in the market. It makes a review of all the available crypto exchanges for XMR. Then it finds the options with the least commissions for bank transactions. You can transfer your coins for free between the same wallets.

The XMR wallet online provides high security for the users. You can create XMR wallet without providing your private data or documents. The Trustee Wallet also lets you set a unique password phrase. The password will guarantee the safety of your data.

The XMR wallet app has a multi functional interface. It is easy to use and lets people make fast transactions. You should not pay too much in your trade. There is an option to send your coins to other people using only one transaction. The Monero transactions are fast and easy.

There are three options for XMR wallets:

  1. Cold wallet

This kind of wallet includes a flash drive with all the data. It is mainly used on Ledge and Trezor.

  1. Online wallet

This is an online app that supports a lot of different currencies. You can use it for Bitcoin, XMR, or Tether. You can also use it for smart contracts created with Omni wallet.

  1. Mobile wallet

This is a Monero mobile application you can use on Android or iOS. Here, you can use all the crypto wallets and exchanges. The app also finds you the most appropriate exchange for your trade.

Create Monero Wallet and Start the Trade

How can you create XMR wallet for the crypto trade? First, you should download the Trustee Wallet app to your mobile device. You can install the app both for Android and iOS. Then you should create a new wallet in the mobile Monero app. There, you will see an easy interface with your balance. There is a field for selling, buying, or swapping coins.

After you create the wallet, you need to set the password for it. The password will ensure your confidentiality and safety in the trade. You will set the password and confirm it. Then, you can use your wallet.

Professional Profile of Shahid Hussain Rathore

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Cell No. +92-333-5145779
E-mail Address [email protected]

[email protected]

Experience 1st Jan, 2006    –    to date
Azad Jammu & Kashmir Council Secretariat,
F-5/2, Ministry of Kashmir Affairs,
Govt. of Pak, Islamabad.MIS OFFICER
Mar, 2006    –    April, 2008
In Time System & Solution,Off. No. 1, Block 10-B, Umer Plaza, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad.IT Consultant
1st Jan, 2004    –    1st Jan, 2006
Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Northern Areas (Minister’s Office),
Govt. of Pak, Islamabad.Computer Operator
02nd Jan, 2000    –    20th Sep, 2004
Data Services & Software International (DSSI), Rawalpindi.Computer Programmer
5th Sep, 1998    to    10th Feb, 2001

International College of Computer & Management Science (ICCMS),
6th Road, Rawalpindi.

System / Network Lab Administrator



Education Jun, 2008    –    Jun, 2010


(Research Area: ieee 802.16 Security)

Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of

Information Technology (SZABIST), H-8, Islamabad.

Dec, 2001    –    2004        &          2006    –    2007

BS (IT),

Allama Iqbal Open Univeristy, H-8, Islamabad.

2004                     Multimedia Extreme Studio

Comstech, F-8/3, Islamabad.

2001                     Visual Basic (Software Developer Track)

Al-Mustafa Computer College Islamabad / Rwp.

2000                     Oracle (Application Development)

Data Services & Software International (DSSI),
Rwp. (Software House)

1999                     Diploma in Computer Sciences

Super Tech Institute of Computer Sciences, Ibd.

Topper (A-1)

1999                     Diploma in Computer Sciences (DCS)

Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE), Lhr.

68% Marks.

1st Aug, 1997    to    31st Jul, 1998

Hardware Diploma

International College of Computer & Management
Science, (ICCMS), Rawalpindi.

Skills Research on WiMAX security.

Working knowledge in different programming languages.

Office & Data automation experience.

Multimedia / Graphic Designing.

Languages Fluent in English, Urdu and Punjabi
Interests Computers Study, Soccer.
References References will be provided if/ when required.

Classification of Ball Valve

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on November 22nd, 2021

What is a Ball Valve?

Call for Papers in Conferences of Computer Science in August 2021

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

07 Aug 2021:ACM Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society- WPES 2021

Last Date of Paper Submission Saturday 07 Aug 2021
When conference will Held? Nov 15, 2021 -> Nov 15, 2021
Proceedings indexed by : Association for Computing Machinery
Address of the Conference Seoul, South Korea
Reference Website

20 Aug 2021: Australian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction – OZCHI 2021

Last Date of Paper Submission Friday 20 Aug 2021
When conference will Held? Nov 30, 2021 -> Dec 3, 2021
Proceedings indexed by : Association for Computing Machinery
Address of the Conference Online, Online
Reference Website

20 Aug 2021: IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control – ICNSC 2021

Last Date of Paper Submission Friday 20 Aug 2021
When conference will Held? Nov 5, 2021 -> Nov 7, 2021
Proceedings indexed by IEEE
Address of the Conference Xiamen, China
Reference Website

21 Aug 2021: The 16th ACM ASIA Conference on Computer and Communications Security – AsiaCCS 2021

Last Date of Paper Submission Saturday 21 Aug 2021
When conference will Held? Jun 7, 2021 -> Jun 11, 2021
Proceedings indexed by Association for Computing Machinery
Address of the Conference Hong Kong, China
Reference Website

How to Use Cloud Mining to Earn a Profit in 2021?

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

How to Use Cloud Mining to Earn a Profit in 2021


Interested in Bitcoin cloud mining? Not sure that it is going to work for you? How do you set up everything properly so that all your activities are profitable?

Try Bitcoin cloud mining platform, Hashing24. It is one of the most reliable companies in the industry based on dozens of reviews from miners all over the world.

This platform is super easy to start. The fee for their services is really cheap in comparison with other similar platforms. Instead of a free trial, it offers you a lot of cool benefits.

What makes different from other mining companies is that it uses a fully managed cloud mining platform that allows you to mine Bitcoins as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Check out the best  Bitcoin mining cloud opportunities with our simple guide to get started.

Cloud Bitcoin Mining Benefits

How can cloud mining Bitcoin benefit you in the first place? Well, for starters, it offers you an easy way to mine crypto using your computer.

Easy Cloud Bitcoin Mining to Set Up

Hashing24’s service is super simple and straightforward to set up. The platform is suitable for a wide range of PCs, so no matter how old or new your computer is, it’s easy to set up. You can choose to set it up on a DIY basis, or you can choose to purchase a mining contract with the company. Either way, it’ll be well worth your while.

One of the Best Cloud Mining Platforms is one of the leading cloud mining platforms out there. With five years’ experience and the most advanced technology, you can trust it to do what it promises. They’re offering great mining contracts that are almost guaranteed to work.

The platform offers a wide range of mining options, and it’s easy to set up mining jobs. You can also choose to purchase a mining contract through the company.

High Level of Security

With mining for cryptocurrency being a high-risk activity, it is a good idea to invest in a company that offers clients enhanced security in exchange for a slightly higher cost.

With, there is 24/7 protection at your back because you’re dealing with a company that has professionals working for them.

Increased Diversification

As a whole, having more types of currencies to invest in is a good thing. Mining one currency has its limitations, and as an investor, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

As a rule of thumb, investing in a crypto-asset means you also must invest in the other currencies.

By mining several currencies you are diversifying your crypto portfolio and taking steps towards buying one single investment in order to make a total investment in one currency.

Top-Notch Customer Support

There is no denying that mining is a high-risk and complex activity. By employing cloud mining to power your mining rigs you are not only safeguarding your investment but you’re making it better as well.

You don’t want to run out of power or your rigs breaking down because of a defect in the mining components you’ve purchased.

With Hashing24 you have access to one of the largest customer support channels in the industry. You’re always answered quickly and you always get real-time and remote support.

How to Use Cloud Mining to Earn a Profit in 2021How to Use Cloud Mining to Earn a Profit in 2021
How to Use Cloud Mining to Earn a Profit in 2021

What Is AssignCode and How Can It Help With Java Assignment?

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on July 8th, 2021

Java Assignment Help: Get Your Homework Done in a Blink of an Eye

Teachers recommend that college students spend 2-3 and a maximum of 5 hours doing their homework. However, reality shows that 2-3 hours aren’t enough for 90% of students. That’s why homework is always associated with something complicated and time-consuming. We hope you understand that it’s a stereotype and not all assignments are so difficult that students have to devote all their free time to them.

Unfortunately, most people who enter colleges understand that it’s a necessary stage of their life, but it’s long, exhausting, and difficult. Whose fault is it? Studying is a process of gaining new knowledge and obtaining new skills; it’s not hard labor. Of course, unless one doesn’t choose to study programming. All programming languages require students to devote a lot of time to studying them. Take into account the huge number of other disciplines, extracurricular activities, and side hustles.

If you study Java and understand that Java homework help is everything that can save you from emotional burnout and make you move on, get it from AssignCode. Don’t listen to teachers and other people who say that do assignments without any help is your duty. You’re free to do what you want: if the assignment you got is too difficult for you — don’t hesitate to contact us and hire a personal helper.

What Is AssignCode and How Can It Help With Java Assignment?

Many people decide to get a degree in programming because web developers are among the most sought-after IT specialists. Let’s not forget that developers are among the highest-paid occupations. These factors are important enough for every person who is about to select a college program. However, each prospective student should know that writing code isn’t easy.

But it’s impossible to deny that programming is a difficult discipline. That’s why here we don’t admonish people; we provide professional academic assistance of the highest quality. Check the information below to convince yourself to order a Java assignment help:

  • You’ll get your order on time. Trusting your essays or other assignments to someone, it’s the easiest way to get some free time. Students ask our service for help because we manage to do our job fast and never miss deadlines. Do you see you’re running out of time? Contact us.
  • You don’t need to pay too much money. We want to make people forget that online assistance is expensive. Here everyone can purchase a paper without the need to spend a fortune on it. AssignCode is affordable because here, clients set the price.
  • You hire only qualified experts. Visit the website to get acquainted with the list of our writers. You’ll see that all of them are rated high, and it’s not just badges, it’s clients’ opinion. We hire only those who have a college degree in the chosen sphere.
  • You get the custom assignment. Our service can boast of a professional team that can handle almost any task without downloading samples or papers for sale from the Internet. We know that other services often send papers with plagiarism and mistakes. Experts from AssignCode work non stop to produce high-quality papers.
  • You can get help with any type of assignment in any subject. Java homework help isn’t everything we can offer to you. The qualification of our writers is enough to write papers in a wide range of technical disciplines. The same thing goes for types of papers. Everyone can order an essay, dissertation, term paper, research project, etc.

How To Hire an Expert on AssignCode?

“I need to hire an expert to give me java assignment help and do my urgent assignment well.” So, we get hundreds of such messages every day. Your first step to getting your assignment is visiting our website and filling out an order form. If you can’t find the necessary section there, write a message to the customer support manager to get assistance. They work 24/7, so don’t be afraid to contact them even late at night.

AssignCode aims to be customer-oriented, and the growing number of satisfied clients shows that we go in the right direction. Next, start filling out the order form and specify the following details:

  • Type of paper;
  • Deadline;
  • Academic level;
  • A number of pages;
  • Requirements;
  • Additional information.

You won’t see how much money should be paid because there’s no calculator. Here you decide the sum you’ll be ready to pay for this paper. It’s one of the reasons why people consider AssignCode the best service. Please fill out the fields with private information: name, phone number, and email. Don’t worry, we collect it just to be able to contact you. Our service is legit, so there’s no reason to worry. Information about any cooperation with you will remain confidential.

As soon as you finish filling out the order form, accept your order to make it visible for experts. Then you’ll start getting bids from writers. Choose any writer, be sure you can’t go wrong when you work with us. We guarantee that all writers who agree to work on your paper are qualified enough to do the job well.

Place an order at least once and you’ll forget about using online tools and solvers. Remember that here you do not just order an assignment. You really get Java homework help online and improve not only your grades but also your programming skills.

If you still doubt whether to order java assignment help from AssignCode or not, let me say something to dispel your doubts finally. I suppose you may not believe the information you’ve read, and especially if you already have a negative experience with academic writing service. Don’t worry, it’s okay. I’m an expert writer who writes your papers. Everything stated in this article is true — check clients’ reviews, and you’ll see that 90% of them are satisfied.

AssignCode is a top online helper where you can order any homework cheap. Just buy an assignment here and make sure you can get high grades.


How to write a resume for a job search: Tips for applicants

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

            To have a properly created resume is highly important when looking for a job. Its structure should be logic and easy to understand for the one who reads it. Everything should be clearly stated and in order. For those having no experience in creating resumes, there are professional custom writing services where certified writers can help to make your cv and a cover letter look just the way it should look. is a cheap cv writing service where you may hire a writer on a legal basis and cheap cost to write a top resume for recruiters to pay attention to you. High-quality is its middle name so you do not have to worry about anything because this is a good buy. Everyone has their own meaning of the word cheap, however, in terms of cheap cv writing services, is the cheapest while the quality of papers is the highest.


Recommendations in 2021 on cheap cv writing services


Resume Title and Professional Preferences

The headline is also your goal in your job search. We enter the title of the position for which we are applying. Our headline will look something like this “Resume for the job of a foreman.” What should you include on your resume right after the title? Correctly! Those working conditions to which you will definitely agree.

Personal data

Personal data includes the following:

  • Full name of the applicant;
  • Age Family status;
  • Citizenship;
  • Place of residence;
  • Contact information for communication.

A photo

A photo in a resume is a good advantage. Believe me, the employer will focus on your candidacy. But!!! your photo should do this! A professional business photo is best suited for this purpose. Quite often, applicants insert images captured on a smartphone, low-quality scans of a passport or ID into their presentation. It is not right. If you nevertheless decide to take a photo for a resume using your phone, then at least try to find the appropriate background, take a normal position, ask someone close to you to take a picture.


Don’t hide your age. Today this is an important indicator for an employer and he can be disappointed if you are not sincere.

Family status

Be sure to indicate if you are currently married and if you have children. This can be important for the employer if he plans to employ you in certain circumstances, such as business trips.

Contact details

Indicate all possible ways to contact you. Keep in mind, however, that the most important of these are phone and email. Leaving your phone number to the employer, be prepared for a callback, and you will have to clearly answer typical questions. You do not need to enter your home address. If you plan to find work near your home, specify the area. Very often the company is interested in the fact that the employee would live closer to the place of work.                                 

Work experience and professional skills

The moment is responsible, but not difficult to understand. You must enter information in the section that relates to your previous professional activities.

It means that you are obliged to indicate: in what period you worked for this or that enterprise, what position you occupied, and fully describe your job responsibilities.

Please note: in the first place you should put the last job, then the previous one, etc.

Job responsibilities

If you are planning to write a good resume for a job, then this point is very important. After a quick study of your personal data, the employer will move on to carefully study this particular section of the resume. After all, he needs to quickly assess your professional capabilities.

Therefore, we will describe in as much detail as possible your job responsibilities that you performed at your previous job.

Professional achievements

Perhaps you helped introduce new technologies at the enterprise, increase labor productivity, or product sales, etc. All this must be included in the resume without fail.

Your success in work and achievements are especially important if you are applying for a managerial position in an enterprise.

Okay, we have fully described your professional journey over the past years, and now is the time to move on. And then we have the next subsection …

Key skills

Here we reflect on all the professional skills that will be needed in the position for which you are applying, meaning summarize all your professional skills.

Such a cheap cv writing service as is an affordable online UK service for those who seek a great purchase to do. If you were thinking something like “oh, my resume is so bad, I will never get a job”, cheap resume writing services are able to change your mind and let the word cheap not scare you off. A cheap resume writing service may be a great helper on the way to your career growing up.

The Best Tool to Test the Speed of Your Internet

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

If you are worried about your internet speed and want to test the speed of your internet, then this tutorial will help you that how you can test the internet speed with the help of

I try to experiment with different tools to test the speed of the internet, and I found, a valuable tool in this regard. Let’s start with speedtest.

How to test?

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Just click the start button

how to test internet speed upload and download speed
how to test internet speed upload and download speed

Step 3: Just wait to load the full interface

upload and download speed test with
upload and download speed test with

What kind of information is tested?

Some important metrics are mentioned below;

  • Latency (Latency is considered as a measure of delay. In a network, latency is a measure of  the time it takes for the given data to get to its destination device across the network.)
  • Download speed
  • Stability(stability is considered one of the most important factors of internet speed to test the reliability of internet connection)
  • Upload speed
  • IP-Address
  • Internet Provider (The company providing you the facility of internet. For example in my case, I am using “Nayatel internet connection”.)
  • Security
  • Latency Average
  • Download Speed
  • Upload Speed Average
  • Longitude (Based on IP Address)

Visualization of speed test results

best tool for speed testing
best tool for speed testing


Latency: 178.6 ms

Download speed: 10.5 Mbps

Stability:  82%

Transferred Data: 22.94 MB

Upload speed: 5.3 Mbps

Stability: -196%

Transferred Data: 4.75 MB

IP-Address:, IPv6

Internet Provider:  Nayatel (Pvt) Ltd

Security: Connection unprotected (Install VPN)

The best thing is that if you check the speed many times, then this online tool will show the

Visualization of speed test statistics

best tool to check the speed of your internet
best tool to check the speed of your internet

average speed matrix. For example, if you test the speed of your internet two times, then this tool will calculate the average.  Some examples of average calculations are given below;

Latency Average: 180 ms

Download Speed: Average 10.45 Mbps
Upload Speed Average: 5.24 Mbps

Visualization of Location also tells us the location of our internet service provider. The main information visible is mentioned below;

Latitude(Based on IP Address): 33.6979 best tool to test internet speed best tool to test internet speed

Longitude (Based on IP Address): 73.0151

Some General information about Speed


measure speed of a connection

Kilobit (kb)—1,024 bits

Megabit (Mb) —1,024 kilobits

Gigabit (Gb) —1,024 megabits

Terabit (Tb) —1,024 gigabits

measure the size of a data file

Kilobyte (KB) —1,024 bytes

Megabyte (MB) —1,024 kilobytes

Gigabyte (GB) —1,024 megabytes

Terabyte (TB) —1,024 gigabytes

Wired bandwidth standards for connections

VDSL 55 Mbps
Fast Ethernet 100 Mbps
Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps
VSDL 2 Vplus 300 Mbps
100 Gigabit Ethernet 100 Gbps
Dialup Modem 56 kbps
T1 (Digital leased landline connection) 1.544 Mbps
OC3 (Ficer optic leased landline connection) 155 Mbps
10 Gigabit Ethernet 10 Gbps
VDSL 2 100 Mbps
Ethernet 10 Mbps
OC 12 (Ficer optic leased landline connection) 622 Mbps
T3 (Digital leased landline connection) 44.763 Mbps
E1 (Digital leased landline connection European) 2.048 Mbps
Asynchronous DSL 4 Mbps

 Why do we need various number systems in computer science?

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

 Why do we need various number systems in computer science?

Computers cannot understand human languages. So, to process commands and instructions given by programmers, they use different systems typically known as number systems.

The most widely used number systems are:

  • Binary
  • Octal
  • Decimal
  • Hexadecimal


All of these are equally important. In the article below, you will learn what these numbers are and some of their applications.

1.  Binary system

Binary system aka Base-2 number system is used by computers to operate. All the data stored in a computer consists of binary numbers. It is the most widely used system.

Binary consists of two units 0 and 1, known as bit. Individually the 0 bit means NO (False) while 1 bit means YES (True).

These bits are combined in a group of 8 bytes, to represent multiple characters and values. One byte can represent 256 values depending on its arrangement of bit units.

Binaries are stored in computer data as “Machine code”. This way its CPU can execute programs set by the computer scientists.

In the binary system, there is no representation for negative integers because we only have 0 and 1. No -ve sign no +ve sign. So to represent such numbers and perform similar operations, programmers use two’s complement.

You can find two’s complement of binary numbers using two’s complement calculator.


Source code is not to be confused with Machine code. Source code is designed by programmers in languages such as HTML, Python, etc.

To understand this source code, the computer converts it into binary numbers, Machine code.

Use of binary number system:

  • It can be used to represent pixels of an image.
  • It also used to represent On and OFF in a circuit.
  • True and False statements.

Conversion in Binary:

Although it is mostly used in computers, humans can also learn this system easily.


Convert 345 into Binary Number.


  1. Perform repeated division on 345 with 2 as a divisor.
Binary Conversion
Binary Conversion
  1. Start writing from bottom to top. 10010
  1. Complete 8-bit byte by adding zeros on the left. 00010010

2.  Octal Number system

Base-8 is a number system that has 8 as the radix. The 8 digits used in this system are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. All of these representations can be arranged variously to make more octal representations.

The octal number system is a little confusing and needs the practice to understand it completely. An Octal number is usually expressed with 8 as subscript e.g..

Computers cannot read octal numbers directly. That’s why they are converted into binary first.

In octal numbers, digits above 7 are represented differently. For example, 8 is represented as 10 which is actually 1 + 0, not the decimal 10. To clarify it even more.

Octal Numbers:

Decimal  Number 3-bit Binary Number Octal Number


























001 000

10 (1+0)


001 001

11 (1+1)

Use of Octal Numbers:

  1. In UNIX
  2. Computing graphics
  3. File Protection

Conversion in Octal:

Conversion in octal is quite similar to conversion in binary.


Convert 130 in Octal.


  1. Perform repeated division on 130.
Conversion in Octal
Conversion in Octal
  1. Start writing from bottom to top.


3.  Decimal system

The decimal system aka the Base-10 system is the number system with which almost every human is familiarized. Even an uneducated person can understand this system.

The reason is that we use it in daily life in finance, counting e.t.c. The numbers used in the denary system are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

In the denary system, the significance of each number increases by 10 times as we move from right to left. E.g in the number 56, 5 is 10 times more valuable than the number 6.

Uses of the decimal system:

  • Finance
  • Calendar
  • Counting

Conversion in decimal:

There isn’t much to do in decimal conversion because it is the number system we are using. This means that the numbers we use are already presented in the denary system.

But we can learn to convert binary numbers in the decimal system.


Convert 10010101 in decimal.


  1. First, write 2 under each bit with power the same as the position of it.
Conversion in decimal
Conversion in decimal
  1. Now, multiply the numbers with their respected binary bit and add them. i.e.,

=   128 + 16 + 4 + 1

=   149

4.  Hexadecimal system

The last and the most complex number system is the hexadecimal system. It is difficult to learn as compared to other number systems.

This number system makes several things convenient such as the representation of bytes. Only 2 hexadecimal numbers are required to represent an 8-bit byte of binary numbers.


It is also known as base-16 and the digits and alphabets used in this system are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F.


The alphabet A represents decimal number 10, B represents decimal number 11, and so on.

Uses of Hexadecimal:

  • Memory locations
  • De-bugging
  • To define colors on web pages e.g A shade of red is represented by ff0000.


Decimal Number 4-bit Binary Number Hexadecimal Number
0 0000 0
1 0001 1
2 0010 2
3 0011 3
4 0100 4
5 0101 5
6 0110 6
7 0111 7
8 1000 8
9 1001 9
10 1010 A
11 1011 B
12 1100 C
13 1101 D
14 1110 E
15 1111 F
16 0001 0000 10 (1+0)
17 0001 0001 11 (1+1)


Conversion in hexadecimal:

To convert decimal into hexadecimal, the same method as the octal conversion is used.


Convert 510 in hexadecimal.


  1. Perform repeated division on 510.
Conversion in hexadecimal
Conversion in hexadecimal
  1. Write from bottom to top and use the respected alphabets where needed.

14 = E, 15 = F, 1 = 1

  1. Hence,

510 = (1FE)16


Each number system is important and has various applications. It is due to these number systems that modern computers can perform much more tasks than the old ones.

Although these systems are used in computer programming, they can be easily learned because ultimately they all are related to the decimal number system that humans use.

5 Best Places to Study Engineering

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

5 Best Places to Study Engineering

Studying engineering is a clever decision for career-minded students, and there are specialized colleges everywhere in the world that contribute elite degrees.

Most students in Europe try out a degree for a particular order inside engineering. Normal specializations incorporate structural engineering, electrical engineering, and compound engineering.

The 2021 subject positioning for engineering and technology from Times Higher Education features 1,098 colleges across more than 70 countries.

Although the schools at the exceptionally top are in the United States and the United Kingdom, colleges in Singapore, China, and Switzerland perform very well and show up high in the rankings.

China is the second most-addressed country in the rundown of the best colleges for engineering, in front of the UK, Germany, Australia, and Canada. Just the United States has a higher number of colleges present in the positioning.

The most demanding field on the earth

An engineering career is probably the most looked at and generously compensated on the planet. To get “the best seats” in the Engineering business you should ensure you are awesome at what you do, or possibly you have the best tools to build up the correct arrangement of abilities the business anticipates that you should have. Doing engineering in the given universities may require a bit of engineering homework help too so you can take help from

Learning at a standout amongst other engineering schools on the planet can be an extraordinary beginning, yet it’s not by any means the only way. It’s a decent beginning stage to have a thought regarding the best engineering colleges, however, you shouldn’t dismiss other engineering schools since they are not on the best 100 records. Investigate your choices completely prior to settling on a choice!

In this article, you’ll track down the main 5 lists of best-quality engineering schools from QS World University Rankings, US News and Global Report, Times Higher Education, and Academic Influence.

1.   Harvard University

The John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is the freshest school at Harvard University, having been set up in 2007. Its underlying foundations are in the Lawrence Scientific School, which was established in 1847 and became a school by its own doing in 2007.

The school covers a few showing regions like applied arithmetic, applied physical science, bioengineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, ecological science and engineering, and materials science and mechanical engineering.

Graduated class of the school has been granted a Nobel Prize, a MacArthur Fellowship Award, a Turing Award, and a Guggenheim Fellowship, among others.

2.   University of Oxford

College of Oxford students is conceded for a particular science certificate, varying from US colleges where students can pick from different strands of engineering to study.

For students, this will be a four-year course in engineering science or, all the more explicitly, biomedical engineering, synthetic engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, data engineering, or mechanical engineering.

Simply under portion, everything being equal, to these courses breakthrough to the meeting round, and 15 percent secure a put on a course.

Numerous Oxford engineering alumni go on to vocations as expert architects, albeit some enter business, consultancy, or further investigation.

3.   Stanford University

Stanford University’s School of Engineering has been at the forefront of new innovation and advancement for as long as a century.

There are nine offices in the school and extra foundations, labs, and examination focuses.

Examination centers around 10 of the “most overwhelming human difficulties of the coming many years”. These are frameworks plan, bioengineering, network security, environmental change, advanced mechanics, data innovation, materials and matter, metropolitan plan, reasonable available medical care, and calculation and information investigation.

Across the nine offices, there are eight interdepartmental undergrad programs that students can study.

4.   Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The MIT School of Engineering is one of five schools at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is the biggest of the five.

The school has eight scholastic offices and two interdisciplinary establishments. Offices incorporate aviation and astronautics, organic engineering, mechanical engineering, atomic science, and engineering, among others.

The school offers both undergrad and postgraduate courses and supports students at all levels to lead research.

5.   University of California, Berkeley

The College of Engineering is one of 14 schools and schools at the University of California, Berkeley. It was set up in 1931.

Students can decide to seek after a few distinct regions, including common and natural engineering, mechanical engineering, and atomic engineering, among others.

The remarkable graduated class of the school incorporates Steve Wozniak, the prime supporter of Apple, Marc Tarpenning, the fellow benefactor of Tesla, Andrew Ng, fellow benefactor and leader executive of Coursera, and Peter Norvig, head of an examination at Google.