PPSC Interview Questions of Lecturer Math 2020

PPSC Interview Questions of Lecturer Math held on 4/12/2020 in Lahore.

These Interview Questions are taken from a candidate appearing in an interview.

  1. oblique triangle
  2. lesson planning
  3. lesson planning in college is necessary or not?
  4. Do you want to do another job instead of lecturership?
  5. If you are selected for your job and your principal asks you to teach Pak study instead of math, then what you will do?
  6. When you finish Preparation for your test?
  7. topology names?
  8. Cofinite Topology
  9. Increasing Sequence
  10. Decreasing Sequence
  11. Open set
  12. Relative topology
  13. Neighborhood
  14. find the neighbor of a given set?
  15. discreet metric space
  16. Power set of {a,b,c}
  17. How many proper sets of Empty set?
  18. How many elements of a Triangle?
  19. No GK question…