Lecturer English PPSC Interview Questions

Lecturer English PPSC Interview Questions
These questions are taken from a candidate who appears in PPSC Interview at Lahore for Lecturer English in Punjab.
Interview date and time: 15.12.2020 and 11:00 AM.

  • What is a newly added word in Dictionary?
  • What is the Population Growth rate of Pakistan?
  • What is the Trade deficit define?
  • What are Aristotle’s classic unities of tragedy?
  • Any other writer you have read I take them in post-colonial time. Little questions about the train to Pakistan and the ice candy man.
  • Definition of Psycholinguistics.
  • Dr. Faustus was written by?
  • What are Your Favorite poet and his/her poetry?
  • What are sense and sensibility?
  • What is the Per capita income of Pakistan (Bangladesh ahead of Pakistan behind his comments).
  • What is Your favorite writer?
  • What is Linguistics?

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